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Hello friends greetings to you all how are you people doing,i hope you all are doing well, i am so excited to be here today to participate in this great steemit Engagement contest, which is about business review in your city, there are a lot of businesses in my city but i am interested to review His Grace Shopping Centre, because it has all the features of great business, the shop is well, organize an arrange, everything about the business center is so splendid to attract customers attention. Everything about the review of his grace shopping centre is well explain in a very authentic and simplify ways.

Exterior building

His grace shopping centre is located at number, 9 old Enugu road kpirikpi Abakaliki, Ebonyi state. it is a big shopping centre almost like a super market, there sell a lot of goods, their services to customers is very welcoming and friendly, to gain more people patronizing the business, the exterior of the building is well design to attract customer attention the building is so facilitating with alot of attractive design, The image above is the exterior of his grace shopping centre.

Interior building

The interior of his grace shopping centre Abakaliki
is also well design to attract customers attention, the goods, are well organized and arrange base on various section, there is a section for various types of commodities when you enter in side the building of the shop. The image above is the interior of the shop.

Bread section


The bread section, here they sell various brand of bread there is butter bread, milk bread and cake break with their different prices after my interrogation with one of the sale girl she told me that there is a bread prices as follows:
• Butter bread cost price 500naira (2steem) • Milk bread 1000naira (4steem)
• Cake bread 1500 (6steem).
The cheapest of the bread brand is the butter bread, while the most expensive is the cake bread depending on the one customers prefer and can afford, base on the individual choice. The image above is a bread section in his grace shopping centre Abakaliki.

Beverages sections


This section sell various types of beverages such as peak milk, cow Bell, loya milk, coffee, both tin and sachet of various sizes, with their different prices as follows
• peak milk big size 2000naira (8steem)
•cow bell big size 1500naira ( 6steem)
• loyal milk 1200naira (4.8steem)
• coffee 1000naira (4steem)

Body cream and perfumes section



This section sell different body cream, and perfume, this section is mainly for body there sell different body cream, I have forgotten the prices of the various body cream, i would've asked the sale girls to write out the various prices for the various body cream and perfumes but i forgot. The image above is the various body cream and perfumes in his grace shopping centre Abakaliki.

Wine section

Here in this section they sell different brand of wine alcoholic wine, red wine, this section you can sell wine of all types do you know that Hennessy is even sold here, one of the sale girl tell me some of the various prices for some of the wine wine which are as follows:
• Hennessy 25,000 (100steem)
Shampane 15,000naira (60steem )
• Red wine 5000 (20steem)
Most of the wine here are very expensive, so as a good entrepreneur that is still struggling with this tough economic in my country , i can't afford to spend 25000naira (100steem) for just wine, instead i will use the money to start up a small business at the end make more money out of the business as profit. The above images is a wine section, also that is the image of myself in the shop, to show originality of my work.

Toothpaste and toothbrush

This section sell toothpaste of different brand they sell Oral B, toothpaste, Maclean's toothpaste etc also in this section there sell toothbrush of various sizes with their various prices as follows • Oral B toothpaste small size 2500naira (1steem) while the big size is sold for 500naira (2steem)
• Maclean's toothpaste cost price 200naira (0.90steem) big size 400naira (1.8steem) Toothbrush also have their prices i have forgotten most of the prices of the various toothbrush the only one i can remember is KS toothbrush because i bought one last week at the rate of 250naira (1steem).
The image above is toothpaste and toothbrush section.

Detergents section

This section sell all kinds of detergents such as klin, omo, Area, wow klin etc use for washing clothes, plate, toilet etc, they also sell liquid detergents of various brand, types and kind.
•Klin big size 1500 (6steem)
• Area detergents big size 1800 (7.2steem)
Wow detergents big size 1400 (5.6steem

Diapers section

This section sell diapers for babies, and there are various brand such as Pampers and molfis those are the brand i can remember , the sale girl in the shop told me that their cost price are as follows: Pampers 1500naira (6steem) per packet Molfis 1300naira ( 5.8steem) per packet

Body spray



This section sell various brand of body spray such as perfume, rowlne of various types and size there is body spray such as passion body spray, men club, etc and their various prices
• Passion perfume 500naira (2steem)
• Men club 800naira (3.5steem)

Soft drinks section



This section sell cold soft drinks to customers, their are various brand of soft drinks that you can see in the refrigerator such as Cocoa, malt of various brand yogurt etc
• Cocoa 150naira ( 0.60steem)
• Yogurt 700naira (2.8steem)
• Malt 250naira (1steem)
The image above is soft drinks inside the refrigerator so that it will be cold fo customers consumption.

Indomie and supergative

The section is where you can find Indomie and supergstive used for making fast food business at road side The image above is Indomie and supergative section.

The above image is myself to show authenticity (originality) of my article.

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Special thanks goes to @steempreneurship for organizing this contest

Thank you all for reading my post i sincerely appreciate.

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Of course this is a very complete shopping place in your city. We hope. With you promote on steemit. The business you are reviewing will be better known by steemians

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Keep up your good work, best regards and good luck @rad-austine

 2 years ago 

Thank you so much sir @f2i5

 2 years ago 

Thank you @rad-austine for your participation and contribution to the success of the "Steemit Engagement Challenge" Program initiated the Steemit Team by participating in the Steem Business Contest from the Steem Entrepreneurs Community

May success be with you in life and steem on!

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 2 years ago 

Excellent review @rad-austine what you have to say is very easy for us to understand I love this. Oh yes. The equipment in the shop you visit is very complete, and the store service The very friendly will be the main key to increase the customers will always come to the place. Success always for you. Regards @afrizalbinalka

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 2 years ago (edited)

Hello, in Venezuela we can get this type of business and they are called bodegones, I think it is excellent that you can get from groceries to cleaning supplies in one place.

Greetings, good job!

 2 years ago 

Thanks @andrea89

 2 years ago 

Nice post my friend, i like the way you explain everything about his grace shopping centre so Abakaliki have such a wonderful shop

 2 years ago 

Thank you, Abakaliki have a lot of big shopping centre

 2 years ago 

Nice one i love the post

 2 years ago 

Thanks i appreciate

 2 years ago 

Honestly, you have really taken your time to review about his Grace Shopping center telling a detail of what his Grace sell. Thanks and Best of luck.

 2 years ago 

Thank you so much my friend, his grace shopping centre is really a big nice place to visit

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