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Hello friends greetings to you all, how are you people doing, i hope you all are doing fine, i am so glad to be here today, to participate in this contest.

Which is titled, Recommend of creative business ideas it's a very nice topic, i have a lot of good business ideas, but the one i want to recommend to all ambitious entrepreneurs is a Boutique business.

Because it's an essential business that everyone needs clothes to wear base because of event, ceremony, occasion, the young population of any given country goes with the moving trend of fashion.

It's a business that as an entrepreneur when you engage in it you will never go bankrupt or fall in to losses, everything about the boutique business, is well explained base on the given questions in the contest, cheers as you read on.

flyerdesign_09052022_080129.png The above image was design by me using flyer marker.

Share your creative business ideas in the form of posts that have a minimum of 300 words.

Activities collection boutique is located at number one (1) water works road Abakaliki Ebonyi State. It's own by my neighbor Mr Emeka Obi.


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The unique business i am recommending to all ambitious entrepreneurs is a boutique business, or simply called clothing boutique, it's a very lucreative business, that is easy to start with a low capital requirement.

This is a boutique business own by Mr Emeka obi, my neighbor, the name of the boutique is called Activities collection, it is located at number 1 water works road, Abakaliki Ebonyi State.

Exterior of the clothing shop, there is Mannequin for easy identification, to show that it's a clothing boutique, the mannequin are well dress with the lastest types of designer clothes, it's a means of advertising the products they sell there, this boutique shop accept payment via cash, or POS transfer.

How the boutique business is managed
After my discussion with Mr Emeka Obi i then discovered that running a boutique business is very simple, managing a clothing business is very cheap and easy.
The image above is a boutique shop (Exterior) called activities collection.

The kind of Products that they sell at activities collection boutique are as follows:



Clothes of all types and design, with the latest fashion of clothes such as suit, jacket, polo shirts,long sleeve shirt, short sleeve shirt etc


Trousers of different types and sizes
such as Jean trousers of different designs, with the latest fashion.

Canvas shoes and Snickers


There are a lot of Canvas shoes, of different sizes and design with various brand of Snickers in activities collection boutique.

Men shoe


The type of commodities, they sell in activities collection boutique with their various prices are been documented in a tabular form below.

Itemsprice in nairaprice in steemimage
Polo wears5,00025IMG_20220508_113524_1.jpg
short sleeve shirt4,00020
Long sleeve shirt5,00025IMG_20220508_113524_1.jpg
canvas shoes and Snickers10,00050IMG_20220508_113506_4.jpg
men shoe15,00075IMG_20220508_113535_1.jpg

Explain your reasons why you recommend the idea.

Clothing, shoes etc are essential commodities people need dress wear, to look good, there are various reasons why i recommend this business to prospective entrepreneurs, and my reasons are mentioned and well explained below as follows:

Easy to start business
Clothing business is a very easy starting business, with a very low capital require, as an entrepreneur you can can simply start the business, with a small shop an small quantity of goods, before it's you know it, the business will then grow in to a scale business.

Mr Emeka Obi started with a very small shop now he have about three different boutique shops at different locations within my city Abakaliki.

Boutique business is a very lucreative business, it's a business that has a lot of profit involved, Mr Emeka Obi, the owner of activities collection told me that, he usually buy his goods, from the wholesaler at onisha in Anambra state at a very low cost an sell it, at a higher rate, usually make double of his cost price.

He buy it in buck at a larger quantities then retail it, everybody need clothes and shoes to wear, either for occasion purpose, event or ceremony, clothing business is a wonderful business that is difficult for an entrepreneur to run at lost of business or go bankrupt, it's a constant going business, because everyone needs clothes, especially the youth that love fashion.

the younger population nowadays like what we called fashion, every year different designs of clothes and shoes are been produced an brought to the market, the best place to get such designer clothes and shoes is only at the boutique.

The young population nowadays emulate the celebrities, life style what they wear, their dressing style, all these various design and fashion, trending clothes are all gotten from boutique so boutique is a fast growing business, that once someone engage in it, the business never fall.

Easy starting business
Boutique business is an easy starting business that is why i recommend it for ambitious entrepreneurs, i could remembered what Mr Emeka Obi told me that he started his boutique business with, just few clothes and shoes.

As time goes on customers started patronizing him, he then increase the products in his shop, as an entrepreneur, we don't need our boutique shop to fill up with a lot of commodities such clothes or shoes, no Mr Emeka Obi started with few goods but now there are a lot of designer clothes, shoes of different brand wrist watch, bags etc his business.

E-commerce business
Boutique business is a very nice business especially for ambitious entrepreneurs who are steemians, you can easily public your products online, after the transaction deliver the goods to the customer, is a very nice business for crypto-users.

Customers can be buying clothes or shoes with their steem, and you save the fund in your wallet, so it's a unique business for steemians and crypto-users, because transaction can easily be make online, that means people from other states, cities can easily know about the boutique shop, with the aid of E-commerce.

Freedom to engage in other businesses
Boutique business is not a stressful kind of business, is a business that give time, that is Why i recommend it to all prospective entrepreneurs, even as steemians we can easily involved in doing clothing business.

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I sincerely thank @f2i5 for organizing this contest, as we all know boutique business is a very lucreative business that is why i recommend it to all ambitious entrepreneurs, clothing business is a nice business that will not an entrepreneur to go broke or run out of business.

Thank you all for viewing my post


You have made a very good details as to why you would like to make a boutique business, it is a very good one that will continue to sell till the end of time because cloth is worn every day and different designs are produced which attract buyers. By this the business will continue to prevail in good profit which will lead to succes

 2 years ago 

Thank you so much my good friend, for reading through my post, clothing business is a good business that will never make an entrepreneur to go broke or fall out of business.

Alright, mate am happy you found your strength. As I do say bruv patience. And it paid off. Nice article you made tho

 2 years ago 

Thank you @rad-austine for participating in our contest in Steem Entrepreneurs Community

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Keep up your good work, best regards and good luck !

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Thank you so much sir, i sincerely appreciate.

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