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Hello dear steemians greetings to you all, how are you people doing, i hope you all are doing great, am so glad once again to be here today, to share with you all, my understanding base on the use of technology in promoting business.


Technology have play a major role in the progress of so many businesses today, technology is use to facilitate business transaction, it also use for advertisement of products and distribution of goods from one geographical location to another.
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The term Point of Sale (POS)


Business shopping centre now have The term Point of Sale (POS), it's use to facilitate business transaction, especially for customers that don't like carrying cash

POS is a very wonderful technology that has helped to improve business transaction, especially during holidays and weekend days when most traditional banks are closed.

POS have facilitate transaction in so many ways, it's very easy for customers to pay for goods, with Pos is a wonderful technology that has improve many

Business to customers can easily make transaction even if they are not having fund with them, with Pos customers will not be short of cash, by so doing buying goods on credit will decline.
The image above is a small portable pos machine.

E-Commerce (Electronic Commerce)


E-Commerce is a unique way of promoting business, E-commerce simple means online business or internet business, it is a process by which an entrepreneur, take he or her business online, many businesses nowadays are been advertise online.

It's make business transaction to be very efficient, without stress, an majority of the population in the country or city, will be aware of the products, with the aid of website.

Do you know that as a steemians, we can write about our various businesses, an publishe it in a website, E-Commerce has helped a lot of Businesses, i could remembered my uncle that own a boutique business in Abuja, yet i helped him to sell most of his commodities in Abakaliki, most of the customers order the goods online, after the transaction he waybill the goods to me, i delivered the products to the customers.
The image above is a laptop use for business promotion

Also there is a very big company called Jumia that operate very well with e-commerce, customers order goods online after the transaction they deliver the product, there are a lot of products delivered by Jumia company to various state within my country through online transaction

Blockchain and cryptocurrency

Blockchain platforms is a very nice technology that can be use to promote business, although most blockchain network system are decentralized and it's participants are anonymous but it's a very good technology that can be used for business promotion.

For instance, steemit platform as a form of Blockchain system, communities like steemit entrepreneur and business community, have helped a lot in promoting various businesses through, publishing, reading of various steemians article about business, it's also away of getting good business ideas, and a means of creating awareness about business.

Do you know that we can advertise our products through blogging? So steemit platform as a form of decentralized blockchain is a very good means of promoting our business.


Cryptocurrency can be used for payment of goods and services, Steem as a token or any other form of coin can be use for payment of goods and services, most shopping centre accept crypto currency payment in my city i have use my Steem coin in buying of commodities.

There is a shopping centre in my city called All venture Enterprise, located at number 52 Afikpo street, they allow their customers to pay for product using cryptocurreny, customers transfer their token to an exchange wallet called Roqqu wallet, after the transaction customers can go with their goods, it's very good for those that don't have Fiat currency. cryptocurrency has also been used to promote business.

Mobile technology


Mobile technology in business, is another means of promoting, our business as an entrepreneur through the use of smartphone, tablet phone etc, now let me explain how we can use smart phone in promoting our business, it's very easy, as an entrepreneur it's very necessary to call or text customers about the latest products, it's help to create good friendship.

I could remembered my Uncle Mr Jude Simon he was in to electronic business, any time his goods arrive from Lagos he do called and texted all his customers about the commodities.
The image above is a smart phone use for business promotion.

Airplane, ship, motorcar

All of the above mention facilitate transportation in business transaction. Motorcar, airplane ship etc there are all technologically made it helps to transport people to carry out their business transaction, without airplane or ship it will be difficult to transport goods from one country to another.

So it's facilitate movement of goods from one geographical location to another, without motorcar it's will be difficult to even visit a commercial market, so there are technology mode of transportation matter can promote a business.

In the ancient days where there was no advance means of transportation, most businesses were not in progress, but with the aid of these advance means of transportation businesses flourish.

Because people can move from one geographical location to purchase goods. Cargo plane and ship as a good vessel of transportation have improved a lot of big Businesses because, there can carry large quantities of commodities.

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