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Hello friends greetings to you all,i hope you are are doing well, i am so glad to be here today to share with you all, base on the topic given by @afrizalbinalka title, review the coffee shop in your city, it is a very fascinating topic, that is well explained base on my own understanding.

The coffee shop or cafe is a place, house where coffee is been prepare for drinking, the coffee Cafe in my city is mostly own by business men and women who are in to other big businesses in my city people patronize coffee business in the morning as tea especially when the weather is cool, my neighbor have a coffee shop called Roban coffee shop, in the morning she open as early as 5am. The coffee Cafe is a coffee drinking house where people come to drink coffee, inside of the building there is a sit, chair for customers to sit on, there is also a table, where the customers, keep their coffee drink, people patronize coffee, a lot in my community, this shop coffee shop also sell other form of tea, and bread, i also visit this coffee shop to drink coffee, The outside of the building is also some time crowded with customers who want to drink coffee tea.

The image above was designed by me using flyer marker, it's show how people are drinking coffee tea at Roban coffee Cafe an also show the unprepared coffee but tin and sachet type.

Roban coffee Cafe is one of the best, selling coffee shop in my city it is located at old Enugu ogoja raod kpirikpi Abakaliki, here in Ebonyi state, there sell prepare and unprepared coffee, the prepare coffee is service as tea to customers and it is very affordable a cup of coffee cost 100naira (0.40steem) that is for the sachet then the cost price for the coffee made of tin is 2naira (0.80steem) their coffee here is very affordable, there also service customers coffee with bread especially as breakfast meal.

In the Roban coffee Cafe they also sell various types of coffee, There is sachet coffee which is not expensive, the sachet coffee is sold for 100naira (0.40steem) so most people buy the sachet coffee because it is not expensive.

There also sell tin coffee in the shop but the tin coffee is very expensive because it has more quality than the sachet coffee, this tin coffee is sold for 1,100naira (4.40steem) some people called the tin coffee family size because it is big, the tin coffee is 50g, which can serve for a week. The above image was designed by me, using flyer marker, it's show both the tin and sachet coffee in my city.

The process of making coffee both traditional and modern.


Now let me explain how i made my coffee in the traditional ways

Firstly i bought the coffee both tin and sachet from Roban coffee shop as i went visiting the cafe

Secondly i boiled hot water for the coffee tea, how do you boil hot water for coffee tea? it very simple, all you need to do is this, you pour little quantity of water inside the kettle or cooking pot, after that place the kettle or cooking pot on the stove or cooking gas an boil the water for 5minute when the water is evaporating then you will be seeing you will then know that it boiling.

Thirdly pour some quantity of coffee inside the cup of plate add sugar or milk to make it sweet after mixing, pour the boiled water into the cup or plate an stirred the coffee inside the cup or plate then the coffee is ready for drinking.
That is the simple process of making coffee tea.

Do you know that coffee tea is very nice when eaten with bread and other meals, I usually take coffee tea with bread as breakfast, drinking coffee tea every morning help build the bone, and teeth because coffee contain a lot of elements such as calcium, potassium iron that helps to build and make bone strong. The above image was designed by me using flyer, it's show how coffee was prepared by me, in the traditional or local way.


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Thank you for contributing to our contest. have a nice day my friend

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For sure this particular drink like coffee is one of the best options for breakfast to intake with bread and other delicious meals to get relaxed with the flavor. Congratulations for your post. I saw you got a good vote. Happy weekend to you I wish.

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Thank you so much my friend, i sincerely appreciate

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