CONTEST : My City With Traditional Retail, 5th || Shopping For House Hold Needs At Edmark Store by rad-austine.

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Hello gentlemen and ladies, greetings to you all, i am so pleased to be here today once again, to participate in another unique contest, that is been organize in this wonderful community, it's a very interesting contest which is titled, shopping for house hold needs at Edmark store.


As we all know traditional retailing shop is the backbone of our society, because they help to retail their products to customers that don't have the funds to purchase goods in large quantities. ( wholesale )

Also in a traditional retail customers, have the privilege to beat down the price of goods, it's not like super market that all their products have a fixed price.

Further more, traditional retail are located everywhere along the street, even in rural areas to deliver goods and services to their customers.

All the given, questions in the contest are well explained with a lot of images that will facilitate better understand of the given topic base on my own knowledge understand with elaborate research carry-out, just to simplify the given questions in the contest, cheers friends, as you read on.
The above image was edited by me using flyer marker.


The above image is Edmark store, the shop is located at number 4 Ogoja raod here in Abakaliki, the place is very close to All saint cathedral, a very big Anglican Church close by.

Make a post that describes you are happy and are doing transactions in traditional retail.


Edmark is a small traditional retailing shop that is located at number 4 Ogoja raod Abakaliki here in Ebonyi state, it's a provision store that sell varieties of commodities it's a very busy shop that sell a lot of products but it's not big up to the size of a super market.

The above image is myself inside Edmark store carrying out a transaction, from the image above, you can see most of the commodities in the shop



I went to Edmark store yesterday been Monday for shopping, i bought a lot of goods at affordable rate,
I bought eggs which i fried with my Indomie noodles an use as breakfast, their price of eggs is much cheaper than most shops in my city.

Could you believe that there retail egg at the rate of 80naira 1.8Steem while most shops sell egg at the rate of water 100 naira 1.5steem, i so much like the shop because their price rate is difference, when compared to other shops.

From the above image you can see many crate of eggs in the store, with the sale girl, she is busy arranging the product i bought.

Indomie noodles


I also bought Indomie noodles which i used with the eggs, i was so happy after buying the Indomie noodles, reason been that, i went to a super market last week, to buy Indomie, i couldn't afford it, because it was too expensive, do you know that i bought the Indomie at the rate of 300naira 2 steem, while at the commercial market it's was 400naira plus my 200naira transportation fees, i was so glad at Edmark store yesterday, the joy is still in my heart.

The image above is a very big size of Indomie noodle called belle-full.



I also bought spaghetti at Edmark store it was very cheap, the amazing aspect of everything was that i got 30% discount of all the products i bought.

The lady was so happy she said to me, my good customers, please tell your friends to come an patronize me, because i will keep giving all my customers bonus in their commodities, that was what she told me.

From the above image you can see a spaghetti, it's a very nice meal for breakfast when prepare with eggs .

State the total value of your purchases in IDR and how much is the value if you convert it to Steem using the coinmarketcap app

Itemsprice in nairaprice in steemimages
egg per one801•8IMG_20220606_154439_1.jpg
Sachet water207.5

Give your reasons why you enjoy shopping there and a little encouragement for everyone here to shop at traditional retail.

There are various reasons why i like shopping at Edmark shop, which are as follows.

The price of commodities are affordable

The price of their products seems to be cheaper than most retailing shops, they don't involved high charges in their goods, customers can easily, purchase a product, it's not like most super market were there is always a fixed price in their goods.

The image above show how a customer is making transaction, because of the affordability of the products been purchased.

Their services to customers are very friendly

All the sellers in the shop attend to customers in a very polite and nice way they treat customers with a lot of dignity, because that is where they make their money from, they then to be very nice to customers so as to gain more patronage.

I like shopping at Edmark store because they treat customers in a very friendly and polite way.
Edmark shop treat their customers in a very friendly manner, even in

30% discount (bonus )


Edmark shop usually give their customers bonus, it's a nice strategy they applied so as to have more customers, because the more the patronage the more profit they will make profit in their business, so their gift discount on the products to encourage and motivate customers to always buy from them.

Edmark shopping centre give 30% discount on their products, that is the main reason customers all over my city come to patronize them

Also the more products a customer purchase the more discounts he or she will receive, it's their business strategy to gain more patronage from their customers

From the above image you can see customers on struggling to purchase commodities so as to get the bonus of 30% discount.

Short distance location

Edmark store is very close to where i live.
It is not far from where i stay,
I enjoyed shopping at Edmark store because it's very near to where i base i don't need to stress myself walking a long distance, to buy goods, i don't need to pay transportation fees.

Allocation of goods on credit

Customers can collect goods on credit
I love shopping at Edmark store, because they usually give their customers the privilege to collect goods on credit, i could remembered last month i own 2000naira debt.

All i did was just to write my name on the debtors book, so they have been of great help to me any time i don't have money, i can collect goods on credit.

Words of encouragement

I will like everyone to keep patronizing, traditional retail, because they are the back-bone of our society, without them, it's will difficult to get goods on credit, also have 30% discount, as we all know most super market spring up from a small retail shop, we should keep patronizing traditional retail so as to make them grow in to a big super market.

Include the retail address where you shopped and include a map of the location using the what3words app




PhoneTechno pop2 f
LocationEbonyi State, Abakaliki

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Special regards goes to:



Thank you so much @f2i5 for organizing this contest great contest, most traditional retail are the bedrock of a developing community, they help to retail goods to customers that can't purchase commodities in large quantities.

Also small retailing business are dominant in rural areas, along the street, they help to carry their products to customers even to customers houses, the contest has been a nice one, an i hope you all have learned from my article

Thank you all for viewing my post

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thank you @rad-austine for participating in the contest in the Steem Entrepreneurs community. Have fun

One thing I love about the sellers in a traditional retail market is the fact that they always care so much about their customers satisfaction.

Of course this is a very good impression,

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Keep up your good work, best regards and good luck !

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Thank you so much sir i sincerely appreciate

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