Economic Activists of Bangladesh || 04 December 2023

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Assalamu alaikum
Hope you all are well in your prayers and by the infinite mercy of Allah Ta'ala I am also well. Today I have appeared in front of you with a small post in everyone's favorite community. Today I am going to present a short post about the economic activities of Bangladesh, so friends, let's discuss the matter today without delay.

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Our Bangladeshis are cultivated a lot of vegetables, fruits, etc., one of the cultivated crops are these green vegetables. These fruits of green vegetables are more cultivated in our rural areas of Bangladesh. These help us to benefit a lot from the economic side of Bangladesh. Our bangladesh economy is very weak because we have different world bank loan area to develop our bangladesh.


In an effort to fill these fields through our Bangladeshi people, the prices of these raw material products have increased at the rate of life which is depressing many people. Once these green vegetables are free from formalin they are available in large quantities in our rural haat markets. These fruits and vegetables are very cheap in our village market.


But these vegetables are sold right in our main center stall in Dhaka. People are buying other raw material products because of the rights of all these raw materials. We benefit a lot by eating all these raw materials. We can use all these economic activities as we wish and benefit. Along with studies, I can achieve a lot of success by doing all these trades.


All these raw materials are profitable in business which is very difficult to cure. About 60% of our people in Bangladesh are engaged in these raw material businesses. In our Bangladesh, these raw materials are sold in three parts such as in the market and in shopping malls, otherwise hawkers sell them in vans.


Market prices here are a bit lower, shopping mall prices are a bit higher and people selling from vans are a bit more in the middle. All in all, these raw material products have a lot of impact on the economic activities of our Bangladesh.



So friends this was my little post today. Hope you all like it. Wishing everyone good health and well being.

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My name is Md. Parvez Akhtar, my steemit user id is @mdparvaj. I work on steemit platform besides studying. I live in zamirhat takeyapara in parvatipur police station in dinajpur district. I love sports and traveling a lot.

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