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Hello dear friends of Steem Entrepreneurs, I want to tell you how has been this week of progress and advances in my sweet project @Majopanques. Last week I had the opportunity to attend a course on innovation in business and the management of social networks to boost sales, today that is an important factor to prosper, the way you take the display of your products.

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In this course there were people with different businesses and emerging brands in my city, in computers, design, embroidery, social work and others, and we were able to meet and get to know each other and even make support groups.

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I must say that my project was very well liked. I showed my photos and my Instagram portal and exposed how I made my products. So the organizers of the workshop decided that I could be in charge of the refreshments during the courses they would be teaching during the month and thus make my brand known to more people. I was very happy and so for the second day of the course I prepared spice pancakes and packaged them in small bags with my label, on which is my contact information and the name of my brand. Individual bags for hygiene and care of everyone.

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I was up until 3 o'clock in the morning doing all this super happy. I work from home, because I don't have a physical location yet. People pick up the orders directly there and I send them to them with delivery at a minor additional cost. On Friday I brought my sweet bags and I was very excited to know that all the participants liked the pancake. The course organizer even took me to the cafeteria of the place that hosted the course, to get in touch with them and see if I can serve as a supplier of sweet products for their space. I am still waiting for a response! But just the possibility of that happening makes me happy.

Source: @majo77

So this week I had this unexpected surprise, there are weeks when I have no orders, it is still not constant that behavior from my customers. But with perseverance and patience I know that everything will fall into place. I am doing everything in my power to achieve it.

Friends of Steem Entrepreneurs I invite you to follow me on Instagram that would be a great support for me. Find me as @Majopanques!


Location with
Source: @majo77

All pictures are original from @majo77 taken with my Xiaomi cell phone.

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Patience, perseverance and doing all things happily is a passion that stands out from you as an entrepreneur, very inspiring ... Continued success for @majo77 and support instagram @mojanpaques ..

Thank you very much for the support @steempreneurship you give me from this community, I am really learning a lot from the experiences of each of the members, it is important to have spaces like these where the positive aspects of entrepreneurship are shown. We are in a world where many times people bet on failure and where dreaming of having your own business is usually something crazy, today we show with our experiences that it is just about having patience, perseverance, courage, discipline and a lot of love for what we do. To you entrepreneurs and especially to the community of Steem entrepreneurs, my thanks from @majopanques.

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