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Hello friends of steem Entrepreneurs, I hope we are all enjoying the new climate season?

Ever wondered why there was so much Harmattan/cold some 5 years ago during the winter season and then all of a sudden there was much heat last year?

Ever wondered why there was a lot of rainfall in the month of March some years ago and there was little to no rainfall this year in the same month?

This change in patterns is what is termed as climate change and it is not just subjected to rainfall and winter season alone.

There has always been changes in the climate patterns but recently we have seen a lot of changes that's even harmful and these are because of man's activities in the ecosystem. Man has constantly emitted greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, these gases are causing a lot of changes in the temperature which in turn changes the patterns in the climate. With more gases being released into the atmosphere means more climate changes which in turn means danger to the earth and its inhabitants.

Explain the harmful effects of climate change.


The effects of climate change can be seen evidently in recent years and if steps are not taken to preserve the earth, these effects will get severe in the coming years. The following are the harmful effects of climate change:

  • Affects our Health: Climate change has great impact on our health. When climate change is severe, this will bring about the spread of different diseases which can affect both man and animals.

  • Increased Temperature: Last year December was so hot and wild that we had to stay most times without clothes. There was an increase in temperature and this was very severe for us. A lot of people had skin rashes because of that, others fell sick too. Climate change will bring about increased temperature.

  • Affect the Ecosystem: Not only humans will be affected when there is climate change, the whole ecosystem will be affected too. Fishes in water bodies will be affected by global warming, plants will be affected, and even other microbes and organisms.

  • Affect Agricultural production: Climate change affects agricultural produce negatively. When this happens, food becomes scarce. Scarcity of food brings calamity, riots among people.

  • Climate change leads to extreme weather conditions too. The air becomes to arid, atmosphere becomes dry, serious tornadoes and hurricanes, tsunamis due to sea level rising.

These are all harmful effects of climate change.

What factors would you blame for global warming?


There are a whole lot of factors that should be blamed for global warming.
With more gases being emitted to the atmosphere which is capable of trapping heat, this transcends to increase in temperature around the globe. There are a lot of factors that would be blamed for global warming, but of recent, human activities should be blamed for the increase in global warming and there are:

  • Deforestation: Taking away the cover we had in plants makes it even worst. Destroying trees for paper and other materials like wood has made the ecosystem open to more carbon in the atmosphere. More carbon emissions means more global warming.


  • Emission of Gases : Industries, vehicles, power plants etc have been emitting gases like CO2, nitrous oxide and methane into the atmosphere. This greenhouse gases are increasingly becoming abundant in the atmosphere due to industries which emit these gases.

  • Inability to depose waste off properly too has added to the emission of these harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Discuss the impact of climate change on agriculture.


The impact of climate change to the agricultural sector has been enormous. Plants rely heavily on water for their food. When there is climate change, this can cause a change in the rainfall pattern. If plants were expecting rainfall let's say in the month of April and then there is a shift till probably may, these plants will suffer. Because global warming will have a great effects on the plants.

In the area of livestock farming, climate change can bring about diseases to the animals, harsh weather too can be disastrous to them

What do you do to protect against the ill effects of climate change?
  • Afforestation should be encouraged to help balance out emissions. Going green is the best way to help the earth recover.

  • Help to reduce green house emissions like dumping refuse properly, and reducing the use of generators and cars.

The earth is ours and we should try as much as possible to preserve it. Man's activities has increasingly affected climate change and the earlier we retraced and look at possible solutions, the better.

Climate change has come to stay, approaches should be made to keep the earth safe.

Thanks for going through my post.

I invite @godswillokon @davidmarkgeorge and @onlyonefave to participate in this contest.



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