STEEM NEWS T-shirts are ready to be distributed for PROMO-STEEM | Support #club5050 #club100

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Marketing experts have the view that t-shirts can be a good and effective promotional medium to show existence. This view has several plausible reasons because clothing is a primary need for humans. Every image/logo or writing on the t-shirt is also very easy to remember and has the power to convey a message. Inanimate T-shirts that have high mobility and will continue to be used by humans for the next few years. T-shirts are the choice for me at this time to carry out the steemit platform branding process for existence and promo steem.

Previously I have produced Steem Entrepreneurs community t-shirts and sold them on the @steempreneurshop community business account with payment methods using Steem, SBD and TRX. 20% percent of sales are also donated to charity. Furthermore, I also produced #club5050 t-shirts to be distributed to members of the Steem Entrepreneurs community who participated in the #club5050 program initiated by the Steemit Team. I spent 15 SBD of my savings to produce t-shirts as a campaign action to succeed the hashtag #club5050.

Steem News is a news program on the steemit platform created by a senior steemian named @pennsif. Steem News also regularly presents the latest important news on the steemit platform. Steem News has strong branding to convey messages and become a reference for every steemian to find out important information on Steemit. The creator of Steem News is also very humble and friendly. His good impression and wisdom can be a role model for steemian to develop on the steemit platform. Steemit's interests are a priority for me in every steem promo action and steem news branding and the creator figure is a rational consideration for me to produce Steem News t-shirts for Promo-Steem. Steem News t-shirts with the steem logo will be a very effective promotional media in Steem Promo activities in your cities. Stylish models and designs are expected to be able to improve steemit branding and attract people's attention to find out more information about and


The Steem News t-shirt has been completed and is available for distribution to buyers. The first stage I produced a shirt with a collared model with the words Steem News and the Steem Logo in limited quantities. The t-shirt is made of high-quality and comfortable fabric for everyday use. The Steem logo and Steem News writing use thread with embroidery well and neatly. Currently there are 3 steemian who bought the Steem News T-shirt and 2 non-steemian people. Hopefully with the Steem News shirt they will soon join the steemit platform according to marketing goals.

    This time, the sale of clothes from Steem News will not be donated to charity activities to reduce the selling price. We only sell according to the cost of producing t-shirts because in principle the procurement of steem news t-shirts for promo-steem events through marketing is not just for profit. The next consideration is that buyers from steemit users can do more intense Power Ups to make the #club5050 #club100 and #clubdolphin programs a success.

Price details will be released soon on the @steempreneurshop community business account. Follow the @steempreneurshop account for information and new products with the steem logo that will be released. Especially for the Steem News shirt, there will be a new product, namely a shirt without a collar for Steem promo activities.. Steem On!




The collar t-shirt model is very suitable for use by teenagers and adult men in supporting their appearance. Besides being able to be used in daily activities, Steem News t-shirts are also suitable for formal and family events. The Steem News shirt will be useful in promoting Steem to urban and rural communities. Praise God, if this product can attract people and investors to join and

Great thank you to @pennsif for the kindness that has been given so far and permission to produce Steem News t-shirts with the Steem Logo for steem-promo activities, especially in my country Indonesia. Hopefully the feedback obtained has a positive impact on the development and growth of Steemit.

Best regards,

Cc : @steemcurator01 | @pennsif

 3 years ago 

#club5050 😀

 3 years ago 

Thank U so much sir, for attention and support, very motivated ..

#club5050 😍

 3 years ago 

Thank you sir @pennsif, for informing the procurement of Steem News Shirts as an effort to Promo-Steem through merchandise on the "Steem News" list.. Best wishes

 3 years ago 

Great. I can order 1. I am happy with the #promi-steem activity. Maybe this will help me to promote #steemit I also really support the #club5050 campaign

 3 years ago 

Yes, you can order it, it really supports the activities of the #promosteem and #steembusinesspromo as you often do so far, sir @f2i5

#club5050 #club100

 3 years ago 

Thank you sir @harferri. It turns out that you also follow all my #promo-steem and #steembusinesspromo activities. I am very grateful for your attention.May success always be with you sir.


 3 years ago 

Keep up your good work.. wish u the best


 3 years ago 

Ini menjadi salah satu referensi bagi saya pribadi adun, dengan semangatnya untuk mempublikasi dukungan #club5050 yang menjadi salah satu kontribusi kita untuk platform steemi yang luar biasa ini, sucses terus power up nya abngda

 3 years ago 

Terimakasih atas dukungan dan kontribusi @emirzafirdaus dengan komunitas steem entrepreneurs...

Salam dan sukses bro

 3 years ago 

Terimakasih sudah memberikan kesempatan untuk dapat bergabung dengan komunitas Steem Entrepreneurs yang luar biasa bang.

Salam dan sukses terus

Great, T-shirts are ready to be distributed for Support #club5050. Very good concept.

 3 years ago 

Get more success for #club5050 thanks for support brother @tucsond

 3 years ago 

I have included this post in the 16th issue of Steem News Magazine For Steemit Platform | October 30, 2021.

 3 years ago 

Thanks bro..

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