Promo-Steem through charity activities | Supporting Children's Education - Distribution of school equipment and supplies for poor students

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Set beneficiary 20% for @steemkindness

The Steem Entrepreneurs community is committed to continuing to carry out steem promos and hashtag campaigns #club5050 #club75 and #club100 in December. We have prepared several work agendas to disseminate information about and to the wider community. We are trying to synergize the steem promo with the #club5050 hashtag campaign in every community activity in December. We believe both are important for the growth of steemit and the steem economy.


Education is a source of progress for a nation, because through education the quality of human resources can be improved. Human resources are an asset for the progress of a country, Indonesia is no exception. Therefore, education is our common concern so that it gets priority in every charity action from the steem entrepreneur community through the Steem Kindnes for better life program.

The pandemic and household economic limitations have major implications for the fulfillment of school equipment and supplies. Poor families will prioritize buying basic necessities, namely food, while children's school supplies and equipment will be neglected due to lack of funds. This condition is one of our concerns because children's education is very important to improve the family's standard of living when they are adults. Good education is an effective way to eradicate poverty.

Responding to these conditions, the steem entrepreneur community through the Steem Kindness program for a better life will distribute school equipment and supplies for students from poor families. We also collaborate with communities outside Steemit to distribute basic necessities to students from poor families. This collaboration is intended as an effort to promote steem to communities outside of steemit and society. Later, the beneficiary students will receive 1 package of basic necessities and 1 package of school equipment from Steem Kindness.

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Schedule of activities :

DatePlaceNumber of beneficiaries
5 December 2021Langa Village, Syamtalira Bayu District, North Aceh Regency25 Students from poor families
12 December 2021Syamtalira Aron District, North Aceh Regency15 Students from poor families

Steem Kindness provides and will distribute 40 packages of aid for school equipment and supplies consisting of :

  • 1 drinking bottle
  • 10 notebooks
  • 1 picture book
  • 1 box of colored pencils
  • 3 pencils
  • 2 erasers
  • 2 pencil sharpeners
  • 1 ruler


All of these items will be packed into a goodie bag with the steem kindness and RK logo. The making of a goodie bag was funded by @stephenkendal as much as 100 Steem which was sent to the steem kindness account.

Currently the goodie bag has been produced and is currently in delivery

IMG-20211127-WA0012.jpg Design

Goodie bag steem kindness and RK will be the packaging for all items of school supplies and equipment that will be distributed to underprivileged students. We purposely produce goodie bags for PROMO STEEM media because they are durable and have long-term benefits, easy to carry, clean and store. The use of goodie bags is also one way to minimize plastic waste that is difficult to recycle. In the business world, the use of goodie bags is not only a supporter of environmental activities but also as a promotional medium. Hopefully useful in the effort to spread information about and

Divider Steem Kindness 3.png

We will continue to report every progress of the program to support children's education through the provision of school supplies and equipment for students from poor families. We hope for support from all parties for the smooth running of this charity. Thank you.

Cc : @steemcurator01 | @pennsif | @stephenkendal

Steem Kindness Initiator

 5 months ago 

Hopefully the activities that have been planned run smoothly and certainly what is expected to be achieved. With this activity the children are more diligent and continue to be enthusiastic about learning. surely many poor people who want it.
Thank you to everyone who organized this event.



 5 months ago 

Thanks for always support

 5 months ago 

Great, I hope that the planning of activities on Sunday, December 5 to provide assistance to underprivileged children will run smoothly, according to the program we discussed with Mr. @stephenkendal

 5 months ago 

Yes, great thanks for @stephenkendal

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 5 months ago 

A good inchoation can i ask a question that this project is only limited to your's country?
If the project is for all countries then i request here in pakistan many poor people never harvest .I am requesting to help children of pakistan thanks

 5 months ago 

We have prepared this project for global, Pakistan, Nigeria, Ghana will be our goal.. Promo Steem through charity activities have a positive impact on society for poverty alleviation.. We are looking for ways to raise more funds so that aid can be distributed to various country... currently we have limited funds.. hopefully it can be understood.. thank you @artist1111

 5 months ago 

Great, I hope you take the initiative in helping disadvantaged children, and succeed in your endeavors. And may their days go well with your love. ❣️🥰😇

 5 months ago 

Thank you very much for support

 5 months ago 

Semoga kebaikan ini bisa menjadi amal jariyah kita kita dan mudah-mudahan menjadikan ini sebagai keringanan kepada anak-anak daripada saudara-saudara kita yang membutuhkan. Aamiiin

 5 months ago 

Terimakasih banyak atas dukungan anda @abelanar11

 5 months ago 

Sungguh kegiatan yang sangat bagus semangat terus teman, semoga kegiatan seperti ini bisa menjadi manfaat bagi kalangan ramai masyarakat .
Salam dari saya @ramadhan98

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