Optimism Governance: Voting for More Proposals

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Here is my February 2024 voting in Optimism Agora (Governance system).

Now at the moment, I have only 5.32 OP (which is at this day around $20), but if you like my blogs and my voting - you can delegate your OP to me and my voting weight will be higher. My profile is: https://vote.optimism.io/delegate/0x480a2e86B7fE63e4d3dfE71af781FfEb4a3c33B0

Protocol Upgrade #4

I voted "For" because after reading it seems this is a needed protocol upgrade. Also, this upgrade, proposed by OP Labs has already 34.08M OP voted "For" so it will pass anyway (Quorum 26.57M OP)

Regarding Mission Requests Proposals (and there are 4 of them currently) - I started reading about the options, but then understood that I need more time and knowledge to evaluate them. Even only time as a factor won't be enough - it's possible to cast votes in the next 12 hours as I write this post. And I won't have enough time to study everything. Also, the fact that I have only 5.32 OP of votes and only my delegation (so nobody else delegated OP to me) makes me not so motivated to study these proposals for hours.I will see if my participation in the Optimism ecosystem will be more than pure testing and if in the future I have more delegations - of course, I will feel an obligation to vote.

If you plan to analyze and participate more - it's good idea to sign up at Optimism forum, which I did and created account at https://gov.optimism.io/

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