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I just submitted Application to be an organizer host of Catalyst Working Groups in different locations worldwide. What are the Catalyst Working Groups? This is something new in the Cardano ecosystem and you can study more this opportunity here:

In case you want to submit application - be fast as only few days left.

In my Cardano and Project Catalyst work I try to be as transparent as possible. That's why I publish all my proposals on crypto-blogs. And that's why I publish my answers from the Application form which I submitted. (This also can help you in case you are hesitating about whether you should apply. So you will know which questions you need to answer).

Please provide us with 1-3 venues. You can include links or Venue name/address for the venues considered for the Working Group

1 . House of Cinema

In the center of Kyiv there is a legendary place - House of Cinema. It is located Just few minutes from main street Khresharyk, close to Olympic stadium on 6 Saksahanskoho Street. That's the place where many people from cinema industry and creative, art communites gather. In addition to several halls with cinema screens there is Charlie bar, which is run buy young entrepreneur Kyrylo, who is knowledgeable about crypto and likes cryptocurrencies. I used to pay with Cardano for coffee there!


2 . The Last Barricade

One of the best restaurants in the center of Kyiv, where you can often see famous people, politicians, businessmen, and media personas. During 2017 - 2021 when there were many crypto events in Kyiv, I often visited this place with crypto entrepreneurs and everyone liked it. In the evening this place might be full of people, but if we decide to do it during the day - that's a good option. The Last Barricade is located just at the Maidan, under the ground, that's why it's also good in case of air alerts.


Approximately how many attendees will your Working Group session(s) be for?

5-15 (maybe more but I plan to focus in the first session on those who are really interested and Active in Cardano and Catalyst ecosystem)

3 . Rid

Located on Khreshatyk, just across the street from Maidan (a few minutes from the previous venue Last Barricade) - Rid is a very new cafe/bookstore, which also has a big room for presentations. In case we decide to do a big Cardano event, i.e. present our work results and speak about the Catalyst with an attempt to engage a broader audience - that's a good location. If our working group will be relatively small - we can stay in the cafe on the first floor. By the way, I know the owner who really supports blockchain technology and the innovative business, he is also a writer and poet.


Please provide an approximate budget and breakdown of the costs. On top of the requested costs, a $1500 stipend compensation will be provided

Event setup/venues will be free as well as moderation/host costs (as I will be moderator). Refreshments will cost up to $100. Merchandise and swag for attendees/hosts - $200. Awareness and socializing campaign - $200. Working Group materials, including playbook, templates, briefing documents, suggested agenda - $200. ADA giveaway as present and for testing reasons (including tokens and transaction fees) - $150.

So the total suggested budget is $850 (if the budget is $1000 and $150 is leftower for our group - I will prefer to spend them on rewarding the most active participants, who will continue the work in our Working group).

Approximately how many attendees will your Working Group session(s) be for?

5-15 (maybe more but I plan to focus in the first session on those who are Really interested and Active in Cardano and Catalyst ecosystem)

Why do you want to get involved in this project? Please give a short account of your motivations for hosting a Catalyst Working Group and why you are well-placed to research the specified workstream

I'm participant of Project Catalyst since the beginning (since Fund1). During this time I accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge - I was (I am) proposer, Community, Veteran Community Advisor, Co-Proposer, Voter. I will continue to review proposals, I will continue to work and I plan to become dRep. Actually, I already announced that I am dRep candidate when this notion was first mentioned. Not always my experience was successful - for example, the vast majority of my proposals were not supported. I feel there is geo-discrimination that proposals from Ukraine and Eastern Europe related to local incentives are not supported. I will raise this and other issues as dRep and Cardano interviewer (I also do video interviews on Youtube and continue work at Cryptotexty media).

In future I plan to remain an active member of Catalyst and Cardano ecosystem, That's my main motivation. During last 3+ years I've analyzed hundreds of proposals, I written dozens of proposal, I think I am well-placed to run this group. I chose Catalyst Strategic funding priorities Working Group as I see the regional and societal problems in funded proposals. But a data-driven approach and help of the colleagues can bring more understanding of what were the priorities in Funds 2-11 and what the priorities might be for the future.

What is your team experience? Please summarize your past experience in hosting / facilitating workshops

Alyona is my long-time friend and assistant who helped me with Cryptotexty since 2018. She is a good lawyer and is interested in law aspect of blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Moreover Alyona is good in marketing and this knowledge will help to analyse the industrial aspect of the Catalyst funding priorities.

Max is a developer with lots of experience and accomplished projects, mostly non-crypto, but last time Max showed bigger interest in crypto and I engaged him into the Cardano community is possible. Technical knowledge will be especially helpful in the analysis of "Development" and "Infrastructure" categories.

Anything else you want to tell us?

I hope our Working Group will be confirmed, but if no - we are open for future incentives, especially those that are related to the regional presence. I'm confident that Cardano should be more popular in Ukraine.

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