Cardano Catalyst Fund11 - Voting is going on and you can support my proposals

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Time goes fast. Now in Catalyst (DAO in Cardano ecosystem), voting is happening. If you have ADA - you can vote (but you should register previously). If you have already registered - please vote, at least for some of the proposals which match your expertise and interest. That's the way governance should happen.

Let me bring some statistics from the Catalyst announcement channel: Day 4 of voting is behind us on Project Catalyst. Just shy of 100K votes from ~3.7K wallets already - community's diligently prioritizing funding.

So that's amazing that 3.7 K wallets voted! Of course, it doesn't mean 3.7K people voted as a person might have multiple wallets. But there is no economic reason to create many wallets just for voting. That's why I assume that at least several hundred people already voted, or even 1000-2000 or more.

Governance is important and that's why I ask all my readers from the Cardano ecosystem to check my proposals. If you like them and if you believe I can implement them for the benefit of the ecosystem and crypto industry - please vote.

Inside the app - you can find all 4 proposals easily by putting my name or surname (i.e. "Andrii"), or you can find them by the title, or inside the categories.

I also put the name/link here below. Each proposal I already posted on the crypto-blogs before, at the beginning of Catalyst Fund11, and thanks to everyone for your attention and feedback.

1 . Cardano ebook marketplace

2 . Cardano Hub at the edge of civilization

3 . Cardano Interviews: Video and Full text version - 30+ interviews at Cryptotexty media

4 . Catalyst "competitor" study: discover other DAOs and voting mechanisms with the focus on improvements

Thanks, everyone! And I can't wait to see the voting results!

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