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Hello Steemit Friends!!
Good afternoon steemit business lovers, I hope you are always in good condition, healthy and successful in Steemit. On this beautiful afternoon, I would like to promote some prices for various models of interior, exterior and house construction accessories with various models from classic styles to minimalist models.


I want to tell you a little about the manufacture of chairs, before we enter into promoting various types of iron products and their prices. On this sunny morning, I went to the welding workshop @aril.hatake to help builders prepare customer chair orders.

For the process of making the chair, I as an assistant cut the size of iron as needed to be assembled into a chair, so I cut all the iron using a grinder, after everything was ready I cut it then the craftsman assembled it with great accuracy and care when welding the iron to to be strong so as not to break easily or so on.

In the process of making these 5 chairs, it takes 1 day to be ready for assembly, then after assembly, it enters the fireplace and painting stage which takes 1 day too, even if the weather is good, it's not cloudy or rainy. So to all of you, if you order a product from us, please be patient in preparation because the process takes a little longer to become a ready product.


Chair making process

Promoting Various Types of Iron Products From Welding Workshop "Serba Karya Setel"

I as a worker, got information from toke, namely @aril.hatake as the owner of the "Serba Karya Setel" welding workshop. This time, it's about paying the price for ordering products from consumers, you can pay using Steem & Sbd. For the record, Steem and Sbd adjust the price when ordering or paying off orders which are converted to Rupiah.


Here are some examples of various promotional products from us and the prices are according to the market.



Market price Rp.1.200.000 per meter or about 150 Steem / 12 SBD



Market price Rp.380.000 per meter or about 48 Steem / 3.5 SBD

3.The garage door


Market price Rp.800.000 per meter or about 100 Steem / 8 SBD



Market price Rp.800.000 per meter or about 100 Steem / 8 SBD



Market price Rp.380.000 per meter or about 48 Steem / 3.5 SBD

As for the price, if you all have a little objection, we are still able to negotiate for the common good, while with your motives, you can adjust your tastes to the wishes of consumers and we are ready to work with the best and satisfying quality.

We also provide a guarantee and responsibility if there is a problem with any orders from the materials of our manufacturing products, if there is a problem with what we make to not customer satisfaction then we are ready to solve it thoroughly until consumers are satisfied with our work and can subscribe to us.

Alhamdulillah, the welding workshop "Serba Karya Setel" until now customers are satisfied with the products and installation services that we do. If all of my steemit friends have relatives who need our products or services, you can contact my toke @aril.hatake on the business card picture below which has the phone number listed on the business card.


Image source from @aril.hatake

We are waiting for all of your orders

Here are some promotions for product materials and a little explanation from the welding workshop "Serba Karya Setel" on this occasion, hopefully all of you can subscribe to our good and can feel satisfaction with our services here.

Thank you for your time to visiting my blog. I hope my friends all like what I share and can be useful. May all of you enjoy the day with gratitude and feel happiness.

Don't forget to also thank the team :

Find the success you can and find the love that can make you happy

Greetings from @fikar22

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Great work - regards and success

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Thank you ☺️

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