Steemit Engagement Challenge III - WILD WINGS Review

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Hello Steem Entrepreneurs!

Last week was like a whirlwind. It began with Eid-ul-Fitr and ended with a weekend trip to Islamabad. It was a much-needed break from Steemit but I couldn't completely ignore it due to this ongoing challenge. I tried to catch up with reviewing posts the whole week. The good thing was that the weekend trip was full of different food experiences.

I am crazy about different cuisines, unique culinary skills, and flavors. For this article, I chose to review what I experienced today.

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Wild Wings

I have found my new favorite place in the food court of Centaurus Mall, Wild Wings. It's a sports lounge and a restaurant. The house is said to be full during football matches as many people gather their to watch and enjoy the meal.


They have several other branches all over the city but I have visited only one. The one I'm talking about is on the 4th floor right next to the Fun City.

It's kind of a meetup point for me and my family. Whenever we go shopping in that mall, my husband takes the kids to the Fun City and I go on a shopping spree. When we are done or get tired then we meet at Wild Wings, feed our growling stomachs, and go back home.

Today, while waiting for my usual order in that restaurant, I saw this contest on Steemit and thought why not review Wild Wings.

Allow me to share my thoughts....

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As the name says, they have variety of wings. You should definitely try this place if you are a wing-lover. Having said that wings are not their only specialty. They offer burgers, salads, steaks, fries, soups and much more. Check their website for the detailed menu.

I usually order Loaded Chicken Philly Fries for my appetizer. However, this is quite heavy for a starter dish. Therefore, instead of ordering something from the main course, I order another appetizer which is usually Caesar Salad.

I know, I am weird. I don't eat Salads because I'm conscious about weight or keen on healthy diet. I just eat anything that tastes good, like I combined a salad and cheesy fries together here.

My husband ordered Spicy Bites Bowl. His only focus is on main courses, whereas I have to try bits and pieces of everything.

Let's get into the details of the dishes we tried...

  • Loaded Chicken Philly Fries


These are French Fries topped with chicken Philly steak, cheese, green onions, and Wild Wings special sauce.

These fries are the perfect blend of crispiness, meatiness, creaminess, and jam-packed with flavors.

  • Caesar Salad


This doesn't need any explanation but I would like to mention that Wild Wings make one of the best Caesar Salad in Pakistan.

  • Spicy Bites Bowl


This is actually bowl of Wild Wings with the restaurant's signature sauce and Cajun rice. I didn't check it personally. According to my husband, it was very spicy and he didn't say anything more or anything less.

You have got to try it if you are a spice- fanatic.

  • Drinks

They had a large menu for drinks consisting of

  • smoothies
  • sodas
  • coffee
  • tea

The only thing that helps us down a spicy meal is Coke or a Lemon-Mint drink. Therefore, we ordered Fizzy Lemonade and Mint Margarita.. The drinks were so refreshing and cold and were a perfect end to the scrumptious meal.

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Being a mommy, I prefer less formal places to have dinner or lunch with kids. Wild Wings has the perfect welcoming environment. The space is filled with tranquility. I don't know how does it look, during match days as I have visited on quiet days only.


The interior is amazing. I take special notice of furniture, it should look pleasing and be comfortable at the same time and it were both. The restaurant gives a sporty look overall as it's a sport lounge.

There are LEDs mounted on walls for displaying matches and there was a football table as well for game which completes the sport-feels.

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I cannot rave enough about their excellent service.

  • The staff is extremely polite and welcoming.
  • Food is always served on time.

My toddler was trying to break free from the restaurant but the staff was kind and sensitive enough that they handled my child while I ate peacefully. What more parents could ask for than having someone babysit their kids and let them enjoy the meal. Ha ha

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Value for Money

If I compare the rates and quality of food to other eateries then I think they are quite reasonable. Wild Wings provide quality food, amicable ambiance, great service and generous servings.

Here's the complete list of items that we ordered and their price in STEEM and PKR.

ItemRate in PKRQuantityAmount in PKRAmount in STEEM
Loaded Chicken Philly Fries749174910.7
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad64916499.2
Spicy Bites Bowl899189912.8
Mint Margarita39913995.7
Fizzy Lemonade29912994.2

Note: This doesn't include the additional 17% tax that we paid.

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Overall Review

Value for Money4

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Location :

Official Website :

Note: I captured all pictures solely for this publication with my Redmi Note 11.

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Hope this review was helpful.

I invite @pixie.dust, @nadiaturrina and @ngoenyi to take part in this challenge.


A very nice and detailed review.
By reading ur post i also wanted to visit this place.i will must go there whenever i will go to Islamabad.

Looks like a good place to taste and have a good time!

Indeed, a very good place with an amicable ambiance and excellent food.

 2 months ago 

a truly unique meeting point, while waiting we can enjoy a delicious meal at the restaurant.

Haha, yes it's a unique place to meet. The main reason is good food and the other is accessibility.

 2 months ago 

Este lugar se ve muy acogedor, un buen ambiente para disfrutar de rica comida, lo mejor es que cuentan con personal amable y atento que estuvo pendiente de tu hijo, eso es un buen punto a su favor.

La comida se ve muy buena, en especial la ensalada cesar, luce muy bien.! En cuanto a los precios me parecen accesibles, aquí en mi pueblo se gastaría mucho mas por una comida de esa calidad.



I couldn't find a single negative point for this place. Food is the most important aspect and all other things like service and ambiance are a bonus that make me like this place even more. You certainly don't get full package at this cost.

 2 months ago 

Food is my weakness ۔
The food is looking very delicious. The place itself is very good. I must say you had a quality time.
You have reviewed everything very well.
Prices are very reasonable.
Whenever I go to Islamabad, I will definitely visit this place.

Best wishes for the contest.

 2 months ago 

there the food is very delicious, and I have never tried food like that!
good luck

 2 months ago 

This place surely looks amazing and a perfect place to go with the kids. The food looks so tempting. I'm definitely going to visit this place on my next trip to Islamabad. Thank you for such a detailed review.

Saludos me parece un excelente lugar para compartir en familia, las comidas y bebidas se ven muy bien y eso hace que provoque estar en ese lugar. Me gustan las alas en diferente presentación y esta se ve muy bien.

 2 months ago 

hello friend I would love to know this place I am a fan of the wings you can see that they prepare delicious hamburgers, they are my weakness thanks for sharing your website to see the gastronomic variety that we offer ..

You will definitely love it considering you are a wing-lover. I haven't checked if they have an International franchise or not.

Hola me parece un sitio agrada le para disfrutar, porque además de buena comida a excelente precios también cuenta con una gran pantalla para disfrutar de eventos deportivos y eso lo podemos hacer en familia.
Me encantan los cócteles y ese de limón se ve muy refrescante.
Todo a buen precio. Gracias por compartir con nosotros este lindo lugar. Saludos

 2 months ago 

I am big fan of your publication but specially your reviews posts were always very good and complete in all aspects ,the place you reviewed looking awesome and when I saw the prices , environment and serving sizes I really want to be visit on but it's not in Karachi ,may be in future .
The grilled chicken Caesar salad 🥗🥗 and spicy bites looking delicious 😋😋
Good luck for success 🤞🤞

 2 months ago 

You review is showing how amazing is that place, before going out to dine first thing that comes in my mind is the environment and services of the restaurant so as per your review I will go to wild wigs. Food that they are serving looks yummy at normal price. Great review from your side and best of luck for the contest

You have well explained your favorite restaurant. And no doubt the place is looking amazing by your review. The food is delicious as well and the rates are really reasonable.

Best of Luck

 2 months ago 

Amazing enjoyment. glad to see you are happy with your happy family MASHA ALLAH. ALLAH bless you and your family. You have shared your great memories with us. Bundle of thanks

 2 months ago 

it seems that this restaurant is very beautiful and there are so many foods that we can serve to try.

 2 months ago 

Mam you are the best. Your vocabulary , writing style , presentations , photography all are amazing. You depict reality in your posts. Always like your post. You put up a good review. Good luck mam 💕

Hi, this place looks fantastic, your review was excellent, a pro. The dishes look great and have to your rating excellent taste. Too bad I live far away.

Hello @event-horizon, what a beautiful restaurant you have visited, I love Cesar salad, but I'm thinking in a Spicy Bites Bowl this look better and delicious..!

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