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We're happy to announce 10 Promotional T-Shirts that we will launch in this second edition. Thanks to 100 STEEM sent from sponsorship SK promotions, we can only afford 10 free clothes to promote. This will also be distributed by members of the team management, and we have submitted this task to brother @abelanar11. We will immediately finalize the design that we have agreed with our sponsorship, then immediately print and distribute it.

We have discussed and agreed to cooperate with the Steem Entrepreneurs community leader, this time we support the development of @steempreneurshop which has helped Steemit users to shop using STEEM and Steem Dollars (SBD). On behalf of The Youth Steem team members, I have communicated with the management of @steempreneurshop to haggle on prices and materials for 10 Promotional T-Shirts. Then we also talked about the procedures and procedures for calculating STEEM or Steem Dollars (SBD) into Rupiah (IDR).

Why choose @steempreneurshop? Yes, for us this is a great idea and we don't have to bother with disbursing funds or STEEM and Steem Dollars (SBD). As we already know that @steempreneurshop is a project of the Steem Entrepreneurs community which is being developed by Leaders and moderators of the Steem Entrepreneurs community. So it is very reliable and can make partners for all of us to shop and transact using Tron, STEEM and Steem Dollars (SBD). This is unique and it really supports Steemit users in doing business, transacting and shopping using only STEEM and Steem Dollars (SBD).


We support long-term planning developed by @steempreneurshop in the Steem Entrepreneurs community. Most likely this will have a positive impact, so there will be more and more active users who make transactions using Steem or Steem Dollars (SBD) as a medium of exchange for buying and selling transactions. This kind of activity is an effective strategy to support the Steem Entrepreneurs community program, and also to support #Promo-Steem activities by introducing transactions using STEEM and Steem Dollars (SBD). Most likely this will attract the attention of many people to join and do business by promoting their entrepreneurship to the Steemit community, especially the Steem Entrepreneurs community.

In addition, transactions using Steem and Steem Dollars (SBD) also have many advantages, including being able to be done practically from one user account to another, faster, safer and the transaction is also monitored on the Steemit Wallet. As we already know, the use of Steem and Steem Dollars (SBD) as a means of exchange transactions is also able to expand the market reach of a business venture and also support the development of the value of STEEM in the Crypto market. Transactions between countries are also easy and fast and without administrative or other fees. This is more efficient than cashing out STEEM or Steem Dollars (SBD), then transferring in Rupiah (IDR) or other currencies.

Through this post, we also provide an opportunity for friends who are active Steemit users in Indonesia, we provide slots for friends who want to have a Promotional T-Shirt. This time we agree and are willing to print an unlimited number of Promotional T-Shirts, but it should be underlined that only 10 t-shirt recipients are covered by our Sponsorship. Furthermore, it will be borne by each active user who wants to have the second edition of the Promotional T-Shirt presented by The Youth Steem team. The 10 recipients of the Promotional T-Shirt sponsored by SK Promotions have been recapitulated by our teammate @abelanar11 a few days ago.

Promotional T-Shirt - Front view


Long sleeved


Short sleeved

If friends want to have the Promotional t-shirt, you can contact us and also via @steempreneurshop. We have worked together to support each other in realizing programs to support the development and popularity of STEEM in the future. For the price of the Promotional T-Shirt, this second edition can be priced at a price that has been adjusted and agreed with @steempreneurshop. We are still waiting friends for the first printing of this Promotional T-Shirt, we open opportunities for active users who want to have a Promotional T-Shirt.


Note: For 10 t-shirts sponsored by SK Promotions, and this is for The Youth Steem team members and some active users who have been selectively selected by our team members.

We have made the Promotional T-Shirt design in such a way by adding the STEEM logo, the logo on the back, the words STEEM ON!, The Youth Steem team's signature logo and also the SK Promotions sponsorship logo. It has been designed according to the sample image, then will be adjusted by the local printer with a neater layout. We think this represents a Promotional T-Shirt which is very suitable to be worn during Meet Up, Gathering, Socialization and Steemit Workshop activities in Indonesia.

Promotional T-Shirt - Overall view


Long sleeved


Short sleeved

We make decisions and policies so that more active users have Promotional T-Shirts, these Promotional can be used to attend Meet Up, Gathering, Workshop activities and in conducting promotions around your city. We are pleased with the requests of several active users who have supported us all this time, a great honor for us for joining and being a part of The Youth Steem team.

We haven't been able to print many Promotional T-Shirts, we are also still working hard and working well so that we continue to be sponsored by many parties who support our team. We will do our best to support active users, newcomers, Indonesian people and youth to continue to improve consistency in the Steemit community. Therefore, we open up opportunities for active users for Promotional T-Shirts with the same design as we used in the second edition. Then this really helps the work of the @steempreneurshop manager in completing projects and programs in the Steem Entrepreneurs community. Greetings three fingers, greetings Entrepreneurship and Steem On!

Do the best
Never stop to learning


Thanks to: @steemcurator01

Steem Entrepreneurs Community

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Mantap, Design baju keren....

 last year 

Ini berkat pak Stephanus yang telah memberikan gambaran khusus untuk design ini.


 last year 

If we do, we can! do real working is spread kindness. Good job my team!

 last year 

Ready! Steem On!

 last year 

Do the best..!

We hope that the t-shirt is shrinking to interest in new users to get more excited in doing the stemit promotion in their respective territories.

Good Job & Good Team

 last year 

Thanks my team @abelanar11 hope we do together dan support our programs

 last year 

I think so my leader

 last year 

Wow , luar biasa ide ini mungkin akan terus kuta kembangkan dengan berbelanja menggunkan steem

 last year 

Oke my best @muhajir169, together we can, we win together and win with STEEM.

 last year 

Terimakasih atas kepercayaan teman-teman dari The Youth Steem mempercayakan produksinya ke @steempreneurshop.. Design dan baju yang keren makin nambah semangat untuk kegiatan promo steem ...

 last year 

Siap pak @harferri, kami akan segera mengirimkan logo dan design untuk kaos ini. Steem On!

Good job.. let me get one for free..

 last year 

With pleasure! maybe later, we are waiting for the next sponsorship.

We have selected 10 potential recipients of this second edition of the Promotional T-Shirts, and these are free and selected by our team members.

For friends who are not on the list, we have prepared designs and assist in printing. We open prices according to our cooperation in supporting the development of @steempreneurshop, We appreciate you for supporting us.

Greetings from The Youth Steem team!

Okay, understood bro.. go ahead

 last year 

Ready, do the best and never stop to learning.

 last year 

Yg lengan panjang naksir kaosnya 🤭

 last year 

Hehe boleh buk, yok mari hhh

 last year 


 last year 

1 SBD buk, tinggal cetak wkwk

 last year 

Ok nnti ya

 last year 

Siap Bu, aman!

 last year 

Masih bisa di order?

 last year 

Kapalo udah closed bang, the next edition lah

 last year 

Siap, Ditunggu edisi berikutnya @bangmimi

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