Steem engagement challenge-s7/w4| The Era I Would Love To Travel With The Time Machine

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Good day Steemian, I welcome everyone to another week of the Engagement Challenge and I'm so delighted to be here in this community, and to participate in this thoughtful topic with the question "If you get a chance to visit the past with a time machine, which era would you like to dwell in and why". Today I will be sharing with you the Era which I would love to travel back to and my reasons for going to that particular period.

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Which era would you like to visit with the time machine and why?

If I was presented with a time machine, I would love to travel to the year 2022 when I lost almost all my savings in crypto because of the heavy market fall and also left my job due to some reasons. When Steem Backed Dollar (SBD) stopped printing on Steemit, it makes things harder for me, I miss the past years.

My savings are always in crypto currency and I suffered those losses when the the market dumped badly. The liquid Steem I had then was like $1200 worth when Steem was trading at $0.8 then it dumped to $300 as the crypto market fall affected Steem as it dumped to trading at $0.2 per Steem.

Even though I wish to keep it till it pumps back but due to financial issues my family was facing I had to sell at loss and used the money to attend to our needs. This was not only about Steem but other coins that dumped too, an example of that is Fantom (FTM) which was also affected because I bought the coin for $50 and now my money remains just $8.

Screenshot of my Fantom coin bought with $50 in 2022

Also, I lost over $400 to a Ponzi investment that was introduced to me by a friend, at first everything was going on well with the investment and the returns were coming in as expected but because I thought it was a long time investment, I was compounding the capital with the profits I made but at the end of the day I lost all the money.

With whom would you like to travel that era and why?

I would like to travel with my friend who also lost so much money during the crypto massive dump that affected LUNA (Terra), he bought it when it was like $70 as an investment, and the coin rose till it was $116 before the terrible fall which renders the coin useless with the price of 0.0008 or thereabout, the token fall affected him greatly because he put so much money into it.

I wish we both could go back to that period and rectify all the mistakes, for him to have converted his LUNA back to USD at $116 while I do more research which would stop me from investing in any Ponzi project and also keep most of my money as a Stablecoin.

If you get a chance to compile one thing from that era, what would you like to bring with you?

The only thing I will like to bring with me is converting my Steem to USDT and adding it to the one I have before without allocating a dime to any investment without doing proper research about it. And using the money to trade a make more profits which can be used to buy more Steem to power up on my Steemit wallet because I will like to have more Steem power.


Last year was truly a year of a great lesson for me because I learned the hard way and right now if I'm allowed to go back to that period, I'm sure with these lessons I would do better and rectify all my mistakes but I guess that is why it is called a lesson for me to have a better understanding about it.

Since then I have been cautious when dealing with any investment or crypto, I don't put all my money on a coin and put most of my money in stablecoin so that when I need to use it for personal use, family or trading, I won't have to sell my tokens at loss. Thank you all for reading.

I invite @ruthjoe, @jasminemary, and @josepha to participate in this contest.

 8 months ago 

2022 was really a difficult year for crypto and going back to 2022 to collect your losses will be very good ideas. I than you for inviting me.

Thanks for engaging in my post bro

If you were given a time machine, you would want to go back to last year. Because you presented it to us. I actually didn't know what happened to Steemit. I learned from you
I feel very bad that the market went down after your purchase of Steem coins. You lost a lot. In fact, it is difficult to say when what comes in whose life. This is the fate of life. Be well and be healthy. Assalamu Alaikum

You are right, we cannot predict rightly what comes in our life, whether the experience is good or the other way, but we were able to learn from it and avoid such mistakes in the nearest future. Thanks for your concern, even with the experience I can say God has been faithful to me.

Thanks once again.

Your welcome

 8 months ago 

Sorry for the losses you encountered last year Friend. Expect my entry also and thank you for the invitation.

Thanks for your concern dear friend

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