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Hello Steemians, I'm so excited to be here again and participate in yet another exciting contest with the topic "The Role Model in My Life". Today I will be revealing to you all my great role model whose advice and word of encouragement brought me to where I am today.

Who is your role model in life?

My role model in life is my mother. My mother is a wonderful, courageous, hardworking, peaceful, forgiving, cheerful giver, prayerful, patient, and most tolerated woman that I have ever known. She is not the type that gives up, she taught me everything I need to know about life and no incident gives her a shock because she does not expect too much from humans, her word what will be will surely be.

My mother, my role model

You can not break my mother with your word or action, rather she will get stronger with it, she so much believes in prayer by oneself as she always says, we all are a child of God, and as good children that have so much belief, love and always obey his father, there is nothing good we want that father will not give, and also she believes that to make it in life you have to work very hard because wealthy gotten in a dubious, cunning or diabolical way will one day cause you problem and left you penniless.

Why did you select the person as a role model in your life?

There are many reasons why I choose her as my role model and I will be discussing some of them below.

She always work and advised me to go for the best: My mother doesn't believe that you can settle for good when you can go for the best, she always advise me to put in great effort and bring the best out of everything I'm doing as even herself always go for the best.

My motivator

She is ever truthful and preaches against lies: it is from my mother that I heard of a proverb that I do say to people that expect me to lie which says telling lies to be a good or honorable person always end with disgrace. She taught me that telling the truth and get punishment is better than to lie to cover oneself because the truth can never be hidden for life and once it comes out you will end up being ridiculed and disgracef.

She make me understand that only great people know how to say sorry: She made me know that saying sorry will not kill and will not bruise my ego but being stubborn and not apologizing can make someone loses something or someone special in life, she made me known that a simple sorry can avert argument or fight and growing up I understand how true and good the word is.

Image of myself and my mom

She gives me more insight on my fellow human and told me to expect less from them to avoid being hurt as she believes humans will always be human and they can disappoint and turn their back on you when you need them the most just to cover themselves up and she always tell me to leave some space for misunderstanding and disappointment when making friends by not revealing all my life to them because the day the friendship clashes, they will use your words and life against you.

She has everything it takes to be my role model as she is always after peace, contented with her life, and not moved by this worldly things, with everything she has faced in this life she still has her positive spirit and energy with her believes saying nothing can steal the joy God has given to her.

Share at least one incident when you follow the ideology of your role model.

I will love to share two incidents that happened to me and how her ideology was a great help to them.

The first one was when I resumed back to school at the second semester of 100 level, seeing my mate's effort when studying do make me feel like I might end up failing but after speaking to my mom, she made me understand that not all people studying put their heart into it, she told me to study at my pace, knowing the best time I can read and understand, and the time when reading is not advisable, also I should never be afraid to ask questions when I have trouble in some aspect, and once I understand it, it becomes mine.

I put all her words into practice, then I realized reading is not for me when I am hungry or sleepy then after the exam and I got 4.08 CGPA, I remember my mom's words about not settling for good when I can go for best, then give myself tasks, studied more and I endrd up being the top of my class from first semester 100 level to my last semester at college. I could remember giving the same advice to one of my mates and she came back with a gift after we graduated.

The second incidence was when I called a friend that I have rendered help to countless times and lied against me even in my presence just to cover his failure. After the scene when we were alone, he started asking for forgiveness saying he was sorry and he did that because he knew the person likes me and would not penalize me, there I knew that some people are just too selfish and can do anything just to prove themselves right, though I was sad but I wasn't showing it because I've heard about people you trust disappointing you when you least expected.

Do you think we all need someone in our life as a role model to face several challenges; if so, then describe why?

I believe we all need a role model in our life, as we can not know it all, we need someone that has been in some phases and stages of life and have experience with certain things to guide us when going through this journey of life. Our role models mold us to become the best version of ourselves with their life examples, experiences words and advice. They bring us out of our negative minds and give us insight which helps in seeing the positive side of every situation.

Though I think we all need to be careful when choosing a role model because I have seen people choosing a role model that is not worthy because to them they only look at their outward appearance which after getting close to them end up destroying themselves as their role model has nothing to offer than things that will vanish away quickly.


We all at some point need a role model in life because we need life experience that will guide us in every step we take, as the saying there is no smoke without fire, behind every great person is one of two people chanting and motivating him or her into the greatness, failure is normal but with a role model, you will know that you should never allow failure to kill your positivity instead it should be a lesson that will pull you into being the best.

I appreciate my role model for everything she has done and every piece of advice she has given me because those are what made me who I am today, every time someone praises me for being strong, hardworking, and always positive, I just smiles because I know all these attributes come from my great role model who at that point is far from me but her words keep ringing in my head. This is where I will be stopping for now, thank you all for reading.

I invite @jasminemary, @josepha and @ruthjoe to participate in this contest.

Note: All Image used were captured with my phone, Tecno Spark 8P.

 8 months ago 

You have indeed, wrote well about your mother. She is very young vibrant and still looking beautiful like you. The role of mothers is very important to our life because without them will would find it difficult to grow in good health. I am happy that you have chosen your mother as your role model. Best of luck to you.

Truly mother role is very important in our lives, thank you so much for engaging in my post bro.

Hola @temitopef, desde niño estamos con nosotros padre que son los primeros modelos que tenemos en la vida, y de ellos tomamos lo que nos gusta de ellos , como el luchar en la vida para surgir , el respecto y entre otros actitudes y aptitudes. Me alegro que tu madre sea ese modelo en la vida.

My mother has always being my role model because she has always been there for me to teach and guide me right, thank you for reading friend.

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Thanks for supporting my post

 8 months ago 

I enjoy reading your posts. Mother is everything. He is our first school. Lots of values ​​derived from it. Good post. Good luck for the contest, dear. I have also participated in this contest.

 8 months ago 

Waooh, your Mom most be very proof you my dear friend and admiring your mom is like tapping her blessings. Thank you for inviting me and best of luck to you.

Wow.. A very outstanding post ... Yes , your role model that is chose by you, deserves that. You have portrayed very beautifully.

It would be pleasure for me, if you will visit my post. Greetings!

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