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Pink and Orange Rose:-

Dear friends,
How are you all? Today I am here with some photographs of beautiful flowers that I was captured while visiting the Nicco Park.

As we all celebrated the world environment day on 5th June and in my earlier post I shared how we can save our nature.

So I thought before the end of the week I should share some beautiful side of nature.

In the first two pictures I shared two types of rose with orange and pink shade combined with red and looks so amazing.


Red Roses:-

Now the next two photographs, really do not need any introduction because mostly we use this flower for every happy occasion.

'Red rose' the symbol of love. Sometimes I feels that we have everything inside the nature that can make us happy and can keeps us healthy.

But we often forget the value of nature and because of that reason the climate is changing and people are suffering by different diseases.

I don't know about others but whenever I see rose, my smile automatically comes on my lips;
may be that is the power of flowers.

It has the capability to pass the joy without saying a single word.


Lemon and white color Roses:-

Here are some photographs of lemon and white color Roses.

While capturing the photographs o noticed that the buds are lemon in color but those flowers are already blooming are white in color.

It was looking so mesmerizing that I couldn't stop myself to capture their beauty through my cellphone;

so that I could make myself happy whenever I feel sad for some reason.

Every part of nature created by almighty, and if we want to please our almighty then taking care of those things created by HIM can only the way to make HIM happy.

We are the luckiest creatures because we can express our emotions and share our feelings with each other;

But I am sure if nature could speak like us then surely it would pleaded and make us understand that why we should stop chopping trees.

Nature is our best friend because it provides everything to us without complaints.

So while sharing these photographs, I would also like to request please save nature and save the environment so that we can also save our planet.

We must use our intelligence for creations; not for destructions.

That's all for today, thank you friends for your visit, and support. Keep continuing your visit.
Stay blessed, connected and happy.



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