Some old memories of my niece and nephew || 26.07.2022 || Club5050

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(Titli & Tatan with their mom)


How are you all? How was your day today? I hope you all are well and everyone had a great day. I also had a good day.

Anyway most of the time I share my daily life with you all. But sometimes you read about my sister's daughter and son in my post and saw their pictures.

In today's post I will share some memories of them with you all. Titli is 3 years older than Tatan. Both are wicked. The two fight a lot with each other, and no one can live without the other. This is actually a sibling relationship. But the preferences of both are mostly the same.The two are playing partners. Today I will share some of their pictures with you all, which I hope you all will like.

Before this picture was taken, the two had a fierce fight. Titli will don't want to give her color to her brother,because she thought that her brother will spoil everything. After a lot of explaining, she agreed to do the drawing with his brother. After a while, both of them are very happy.

In this picture you can see the packets of lassi in their hands. Actually they both love to eat lassi. My father means their grandfather has to take Lassie with him whenever he visits their house. The day I took this photo, they were competing to see who could finish the lassie first. Titli won till the last.

I took this last picture while they were eating Maggi. My sister does not allow them to eat Maggi at all. Excludes many days she made maggie for them. So the two are very happy the day Maggi is made.

All these small moments are very special. All children grow up one day, but these moments remain in our hearts forever. I will share many more such moments with you in my another post.

Take care everyone. Always be happy and stay healthy. Good night.

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