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(Today's morning weather)


How are you all?
Hope everyone is well and all of you had a great day today.

My day today was very busy. This morning I Woke up around 7.20 a.m. as usual. Then I freshened up and came downstairs and picked up all the flowers first like every day. Then I went to the kitchen and started cooking. When my father-in-law went out for his morning walk, I gave picklu his favorite biscuit.

My mother-in-law got up and freshened up, and soon my father-in-law also came. I made tea for both of them and went upstairs with the cup of tea for Shubho. Picklu also went upstairs with me and sat at the window of our room.

(Picklu babu)

I came downstairs and prepared tiffin for Shubho, and then made breakfast for everyone. After some time Shubho got ready and came downstairs and we all had breakfast. After Shubho left for the office, I cleaned up all the household chores and washed many clothes with two bed sheets also. I feel tired, so I took a little rest and then I took a bath and performed today's worship.

Later, when it was lunch time for Picklu, I made him have lunch and gave him medicine. Then after everyone had bath we also had our lunch. Because it's Saturday, so today my mother in law cooked potato-panner curry, fried brinjal and pumpkin curry. At the end of lunch we all rested like every day.

(Today's lunch)

After a while, I woke up to the sound of the calling bell and saw that my sister in law's son had arrived. Although he did not sit for long. He left after a while, actually my sister in law sent him for a special need. I lay down after he left but did not slept. After watching YouTube for a while I woke up. I didn't go to the roof today because it was raining a little outside. After a while I performed evening worship.

When Shubho came home,he freshened up and went out again with his friends, I spent some time with Picklu. By that time my mother in law made tea. They watched TV while drinking tea. I also spoke to my sister on the phone for a while. Then I went to make rotis.

(Afternoon weather)

Today I went to make roti a little earlier than other days. Then I watched TV for sometimes. After giving dinner to picklu I gave him medicine also. Then after sometimes I served dinner for everyone. We had our dinner little earlier. Now everyone is watching TV after finished dinner.

I finished all the work and just sat down to write my post. I will finish writing and then Inwill go to sleep. Since tomorrow is Sunday, there is no rush to get up in the morning, because of that there is no problem even if I go to bed a little late. Anyway, have a great day tomorrow. Happy weekend everyone.

Take care. Be happy. Good night.


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