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(My hibiscus tree)


How are you all?
Hope everyone is well and had a great day today.

Like every day I will share how my day went through my post. I woke up around 5.50 a.m. this morning. Then I lay down even though I couldn't sleep. Then by 7 o'clock I got up and freshened up and came downstairs and picked flowers from the trees as usual. Then I went to the kitchen.

Today when I came downstairs,I found my father-in-law still sleeping. When I called him, he said- he wouldn't to go for morning walk today, because he is not feeling good. My mother-in-law got up after a while. After that, when father-in-law got up and got fresh, I made tea for both of them. I also gave Biscuits to Picklu. After making breakfast I made tea for Shubho and went upstairs.

(Morning tea)

After calling him, I cane downstairs and prepared tiffin for him and started the housework. By that time Shubho was being ready and then we all had breakfast together. After Shubho went to the office, my mother in law cooked the rest and I went to bathe Picklu.

Then I bathed myself and offered today's worship. Then I gave Picklu his lunch and medicine. Later, when my father-in-law and mother-in-law took bath, we also had our lunch together. Katla kalia, red lentils with tomato and cabbage were cooked today.

(Today's lunch)

At the end of lunch we all rested. Later in the afternoon me and Picklu went to the roof. After a long time, I spent some time in the afternoon on the roof. After a while, when it started raining, I came down and offered evening worship. Then my mother in law made tea for all of us. Meanwhile Shubho came back from office and freshen up and have tea. Then he sat down to watch TV.

(While going to the roof in the afternoon, he looks back to see if I am behind him ot not. 😅)

Picklu and I played a little. Then I went to make rotis. My father-in-law will give Picklu his dinner. By then I will finished my writing and then I give picklu his medicine. Then we will have our dinner. After sometimes I will go to sleep when all the work is done.

Take care everyone. Always be happy and stay healthy. Good night.

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