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Happy Raksha Bandhan everyone

(My uncle's daughter celebrate rakhi with her brother, so she sent me this photo)


Hope everyone is well and all of you had a great day today.

First of all I wish you all a very Happy Raksha Bandhan. Hope everyone must had a lot of fun with their siblings today. Because it's your day.

My day went as usual. Because this year there was no Rakhi Bandhan ceremony at our house. First of all Shubho had to go to the office today and on the other side my sister in law could not come due to some family problem. So our today was different from other years.

(After my father-in-law goes out for the morning walk, Picklu ​​will lie in front of the gate until he returns.)

I got up on time in the morning and came downstairs after being fresh. Then like every day I picked flowers from the tree and went to the kitchen. When my father-in-law went out for his morning walk, Picklu went and lay down in front of the gate. Even after calling many times, he did not came. After a while mother-in-law got up and freshened up, I made tea for everyone. Father-in-law had returned from his morning walk by then.

After giving their tea, I called Shubho and gave him tea. Then I gave Picklu a biscuit. Although it hasn't rained since this morning, the sky was cloudy. After coming downstairs I prepared breakfast and packed tiffin for Shubho. Later Shubho got ready and came downstairs after finished breakfast he went to the office. Then I saw that it was a little sunny outside. I put all the clothes in sunlight on the roof. Then we had breakfast.

(Today's lunch)

Today is thursday, so I will do my worship early, so I quickly finished the housework and took a bath. After the worship, I let Picklu had his lunch. After a while, when it started to rain, I picked up the clothes from roof. After everyone had bath we had lunch. Today was cooked taro root and potato curry with shrimp, red lentils and mixed vegetables.

At the end of lunch everyone rested. It was still raining outside. However, I got up in the evening and offered evening worship. Then I made tea for everyone. Shubho called and said that he will be little late to return today. I played with Picklu for a while. Then I watched TV for a while.


After a while, my mother-in-law cut the pineapple. I don't like pineapple though, I take 2 piece. Shubho returned from office after a while. After he freshened up I gave him a cup of tea. Then I went to made rotis for dinner. Now it was time to eat dinner for picklu, my father-in-law gave him dinner.

Now I am sitting down to write my post, when I finished my writing, I will gave medicine to Picklu and then we will have our dinner together. After finishing all the work, I will go to sleep.

Take care everyone. Always be happy and stay healthy. Good night.


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