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(Today's worship)


Hope you all are well and all of you had a great day today.

I haven't a good day at all. Because my fever started from yesterday's midnight. I don't understand why the fever came suddenly. I feels very weak. After waking up in the morning, I called my father-in-law's mobile from my room and asked him to wake up my mother-in-law. Because today I was really not in the physical condition to cook.

My mother-in-law got up and freshened up and started cooking. After a while I somehow got out of bed and came downstairs after being fresh. Coming downstairs, I thought I would help my mother-in-law in the kitchen, but that didn't happen. I lay down in again. Picklu saw me and understood that I was ill. So he quietly came and lay down next to me.

After a while, when my father-in-law returned from his morning walk, my mother-in-law made tea for the three of us. I can't take medicine without eating something, so I drink tea even though I don't want to. Then father-in-law gave me medicine. I took the medicine and slept quietly. I did not understand when I fell asleep again.

(My today's breakfast)

Around 10.30 a.m. my mother in law called me for breakfast. I got up and saw that Shubho had left for the office a long time ago. I was sleeping so he didn't call me. When I got up, the three of us had breakfast. Nothing tasted good. So I ate only a roti. Today, my mother-in-law also did the housework. I just bathed and offered today's worship. Today, my father-in-law gave lunch to Picklu.

At noon, when everyone had bathed, we sat down to have lunch. Today mother in law cooked egg curry, fried eggplant, bottle gourd curry and red lentil. And yesterday's fish curry was in the fridge, so she didn't cook the fish curry today. I ate a little bit of rice and got up. I took medicine and slept in the afternoon, woke up in the evening. My mother in law also gave evening worship today.

(Today's lunch)

Later I got up and made tea for everyone and for myself also. I was feeling so hungry but didn't feel like eating anything. So I eat a cup of tea with some biscuits. Shubho is still not back from office. Today I feel so bad that I couldn't caress Picklu much today. He is now lying next to me.

My father-in-law and mother-in-law are watching TV now. I am writing lying down. Because I have so much headache, that I can't sit for a long time. My mother-in-law will make roti for today's dinner. I will eat a roti and take medicine and go to bed early. Picklu's dinner will be given today by my father-in-law.

(Picklu is laying by my side)

Later, when Shubho returns from office, the three of them will have their dinner together. The current viral fever will last for 3-4 days. So I do not understand how I will be feel tomorrow. However, you all take care of yourself.

Stay happy and be healthy. Good night.

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