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(Time flowers bloomed on our roof this rainy morning.)


How are you all? Hope you all are well and also had a great day today.

This morning started with rain. I Woke up around 7.10a.m. and find that it raining lightly outside. Then I freshened up and came downstairs. I saw that Picklu lying quietly next to my father-in-law. I caressed him a little and went to the kitchen. Today, since it is raining outside, I could not pick flowers in the morning. Even my father-in-law could not go for morning walk today.

(Today's breakfast)

However, after a while, when my father-in-law and mother-in-law woke up, I made them tea and made breakfast for everyone. I was not given biscuits to picklu in the morning. So when I went upstairs with tea for shubho, I gave him a biscuit. After that, I came downstairs and helped my mother-in-law in cooking.

After Shubho got ready and came downstairs, we all had breakfast. It was still raining outside, so Shubho was a little late to go to the office today. After a while the rain subsided a little and he went out. And I also picked flowers from the tree at that time. I almost got wet in the water of the flower plant.

(Picklu on my father-in-law's lap while going to the doctor chember.)

After finished house work my father-in-law and I got ready to take Picklu to the doctor. Then we left with him. When we go out with picklu he started doing a lot of mischief. He also knew the doctor's chamber, when we went there,he started calling. I took him in my arms and walked for a while. Then I came back after seeing the doctor.

Picklu was given medicine, along with a medicated shampoo and a spray. I took a picture of his prescription and sent it to Shubho. He will bring them on his way back from office. After returning home I took bath and performed my worship. Then I gave lunch to Picklu. After my father-in-law and mother-in-law's bath, we also had our lunch.

(Today's lunch)

Today we cooked waking fish curry, pointed gourds with mustard paste and red lentil. After that we all rested. It was raining a little outside then. I got up in the evening and offered evening worship.

Shubho came from office after a while. He came back early today. I made tea for everyone. Then I gave medicine to Picklu. Shubho didn't get his shampoo and spray today. The shopkeeper will bring it tomorrow.

( Maggie 😋)

After a while Shubho said he will eat maggi, so I made maggi for me and him. After eating Maggi, Shubho and Picklu are watching TV now and I sit down to write now. After writing, I will make roti and let Picklu eat his dinner. Then we will have our dinner. I may not eat anything else at night, however, after everyone's dinner is done,I finished my work and then I'll go to bed.

This is how my day went. Take care everyone. Always be happy and stay healthy. Good night.

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