Sometimes we need to look at it differently

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My mentor says if we approach the problem with the same action again and again and if we do not succeed then it surely means that we are on a wrong path and not taking the right action. This is so true. Sometimes when we are addressing a specific issue and we keep failing again and we still keep doing it the same way, then probably that's just not the right way and we need to look at the approach to dealing with it in a different way. Then there is also a saying Try and Try until you succeed. But what if we are not trying it out in the right manner, or that we are trying it the right way and it's still not working for us, then we need to look at other ways of doing it. Right?

This conversation comes up quite often in the place that I work as an HR Consultant. It's a manufacturing unit and the majority of the people working there are blue collared employees and as one knows there would be multiple challenges dealing with them. In this place most of them are expats, they visit their home once in 2 years, they are living away from their family and hence because of that I see that there are many times when their work motivation is very low, which in turn impacts the performance of the Company. The owner of the Company believes that when they do not perform well or make errors they should be penalized, whereas my mentor says that if they are doing it again and again and by penalizing them there is no real outcome or change coming through then we need to look at approaching the problem in a different manner. Which I completely agree to.


Rather than penalizing them, motivating them will help. As it is they are away from their family and they would have those ups and downs of moods, in such situation penalizing them would further hamper their motivation levels towards their job and they will further drop down on their performance. Some motivation or boosting will help them. There is an Indian saying "Lato ke bhoot baaton se nahi mante" meaning "that some people only understand things in a harsh manner and they do not understand things in softer, pleasant or good manner. They need to be beaten up to make them understand."

I do not believe that, I believe that when people are attended with affection and care no matter however rigid they are or hard they are, they will change their ways. Just like how some parents have a belief that their children will only understand things with beatings and hence they are always harsh with them on the child's mistakes, but if they try the other approach dealing the situation with love, affection and care probably the outcome will be much better. Too much of punishment and harshness also will make one a thick skin person, after sometime they will not react to the harshness and they will become immune to it.

At the end of it there is no right or wrong approach. It's about what works the best and hence all possibilities should be tried out when attending to any situation in life. This is my belief.

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Penalisation may sometimes works but that can't be the solution. I have seen this kind of situations several times in my service career.

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