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Hello friends,
We welcome everyone in our community.
Today I am introducing the community to "Mera India" with you all.

Before that, I would like to inform you of the reason behind the creation of this community.

1.India is the second-largest country in terms of population.

2.From the start to date, the number of users increased a lot.

3.In India, people use several languages, but they are bound to use only English because they don't get any platform where they can use their mother tongue.

4.Now bot users are not welcome everywhere.
Some criteria only help people to get the curator's support.

5. Free writings are not at all appreciated.

6.Students are also taking an interest to join the platform; So we must hand over the platform to the young generation.


Apart from that, this community feels that this is a decentralized platform, So people should get a chance to work freely here.

We like to welcome everyone who believes in working independently. Several people earn only through this block chain.

While maintaining club status, they went through some financial crises because some may get regular support from curators;

but the majority of people do not get that opportunity.

So we decided to create a platform where people only have to maintain two, or three things to uphold the decency of the forum.

1.No plagiarism.
2.No abusive content.
3.No nude pictures are allowed.
4.Criticism of any religion is prohibited.

If anyone likes to share photography or poem posts, then at least use 150 words related to the content.
Other writings need 250-300 words.

We do not have any power right now in our account;
so now we can't support any content.

Initially, we would like to invite those people who are using bot services and looking forward to a platform who can join the community.

If we get any delegation in the future, then certainly help those who will be attached with us from the beginning and will join later.

Apart from that;
We like to inform some criteria for getting support from curators.

1.Curators do not support bot users.
2.Have to maintain club status.
3.They only support steemexclusive content.

Apart from that quality, subjects are also decided and divided by the different curators.

Votes are not guaranteed. If anyone likes to maintain the criteria they are welcome, but those who didn't want to maintain the same are also welcome here.

So we are thinking of creating a place where people can share the post and choose to delegate their steem power wherever they want to delegate.

Often we create rules according to our perceptions but forget that several people need food first and for that they need money.

Unless someone is doing anything that can hamper the decorum of the platform they can use their power in the way they want to use it.

It is their earning, and being a part of a decentralized platform they are free to utilize their steem power.

In the future, we may get some investors who will also agree with our perception, and till that time, we like to request people to have some patience.

That is all about the reason to create the community. If you think that we are on the right track then please share your views through comments.

It is very disheartening that people who tagged scammers, sharing plagiarized content, also get support from curators.

So, we created this platform for those who are deprived here after creating some useful content.

That's all about the community. Stay connected so that we can make a difference.



This is good platform all and its also a good place for learning too. Let wish this community will go long and support quality content. Have a great day.


@teammo sir we need your support, please sir delegate or support our content creators. Some people badly needed some support to deliver many more useful content for this platform.

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