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Hello, lovely people around the globe! Accept my greetings as this new week of the engagement challenge unfolds with a whole lot of new themes to explore. Sit back, relax, and enjoy my views on this wonderful topic.



Do you believe history repeats itself through genes? Justify.

The discussion of whether history repeats itself through genes is a complex and debatable issue. We have been using this proverb in historical and cultural contexts, but today we will explore the genetic dimension of this proverb. It is linked to Mark Twain and Karl Marx in historical contexts.

In the context of genes, history would refer to traits attributable to the parents or grandparents. It has been shown through historical and scientific evidence that behaviors, health conditions, and personality traits recur within families. Being a health professional, let me begin my discussion with health conditions. The genetic component of various diseases has scientifically predisposed successive generations to diseases like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and even certain cancers like breast cancer, etc. There are certain diseases which are known to affect personality and behavior of humans that are genetically predisposed, such as Alzheimer's disease and schizophrenia, etc. It's not only about diseases but also normal physical traits like eye color, hair color, and height, etc.



Some behavioral traits can also be linked to genes through genetic studies. Several studies have been conducted on extraversion, negative emotional behavior, and conscientiousness of humans. We cannot completely ignore the role of environmental and cultural factors on behavioral traits, but at the same time, genetic factors cannot be ignored too. The role of cultural and environmental factors in determining the behavioral traits of humans is self-understood and doesn't need much discussion, but the role of genes needs a mention. It has been proven through twin studies that twins raised in different environmental and cultural influences have shown to behave in a similar manner in terms of certain behavioral traits, which emphasizes the role of similar genes.

Besides the scientific evidence, the anecdotal evidence from families also supports the proverb of repetition of history through genes. When we look at the particular behavior or interests of individuals from families belonging to a particular art like music, embroidery, or entrepreneurial skills, individuals from such families have a special interest in such fields. Although the environment has a much greater role in such scenarios, the role of genes can't be ignored.

Which habits transfer to you from your parents, or your children (if any) get the same from you?

I believe most of us adopt most of the habits that our parents have adopted over their lifetimes. I am deliberately using the word "adopt" to emphasize the role of environmental and cultural factors in forming habits. However, for the sake of this discussion, I'll mention some habits which I presume to have received from my parents.

I adopted habits like punctuality, resilience, optimism, extroversion, humble and polite behavior, good dietary practices, social etiquette, financial management, and organizational skills. I would also like my kids to adopt these habits.

It is ironic to notice that most studies have been conducted on diseases or negative attributes of human behavior in the context of genetics. Good habits are unquantifiable and subjective in nature, and that seems to be one plausible reason for their poor association studies to genes. However, our anecdotal perceptions are sufficient to prove the linkage.

Share any of your habits that make you smile, proud to believe the proverb.

The one habit that makes me smile or proud to believe the proverb is regular self-introspection. I believe it is such an attribute or a character that plays a role in the growth and development of an individual. I have inherited this trait from my father, who I believe to have attained the climax of maturity and growth as a human being.

Self-introspection refers to the habit of looking into oneself and asking questions to oneself about one's activities or decisions. Although familial environment and guidance also play a role, the genetic component is also there. Self-introspection, besides reinforcing appreciable attributes, also refers to accepting weaknesses with grace and working on them for continuous growth.

Do you believe history somehow carries the legacy of our previous generation? Share your opinion.

Undoubtedly, history carries the legacy of previous generations in terms of culture, civilization, rituals, customs, and belief systems, in addition to biological traits. At the societal and cultural level, we are all anchored to our ancestors through our belief systems and cultural practices. On one hand, human civilizations are trying to keep pace with the growing advancements in technology, but at the core, somewhere we are linked to our ancestors through cultural forces. Examples include the celebration of religious or cultural festivals like Christmas, Holi, Diwali, Eid, and our dressing styles.

The other horizon to explore in this context is that of the political and economic systems that prevail in our society, which are definitely the blueprint and legacy of our previous generation. The same holds for scientific and technological advancements of the current era which are being carried out on the scaffold developed by previous generations.



The genetic component of the proverb cannot be understated. It is through the study of genetics carried on by previous generations that scientists link both positive and negative traits to human genetics. The attribution of certain diseases to the familial genotype establishes a legacy of history in the genetic field. Similarly, some of the modern developments that are carried out to cure or treat diseases are not done out of the blue but have a long history behind.

The inherent traits like skin and eye color, built, and height, susceptibility or tolerance to positive and negative environmental factors have been established to manifest in a similar pattern as they used to be in previous generations. Therefore, that further establishes the role of the legacy of history in shaping current culture, civilization, and well-being.



I adopted habits like punctuality, resilience, optimism, extroversion, humble and polite behavior, good dietary practices, social etiquette, financial management, and organizational skills. I would also like my kids to adopt these habits.

Assalam Alaikum dear friends, I hope you are well, I am very happy that you participated in this great contest. Parents are a wealth that not everyone has. Many children live without parents and many live with their parents. This is a lesson that is taught to everyone. How to train children without and how to train children with parents Parents want whatever good habits they have in their children to enter into their children, but the issue is children. If the children want to adopt their habits, they can adopt them and if they don't want to adopt them, no one can force them. Regarding your father's upbringing, your upbringing has been done in the best way, these answers show that your parents are lucky that you are their generation and you are also very lucky to have beautiful parents. May Allah reward you in the same way and make you obedient to your parents.

Walikum salaam .

Thank you for your kind remarks about parents in general and me mad my parents in particular.

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If we didn't learn from our past history it can repeat itselfs over and over. Your point are perfectly okay. Good luck to you sir.

Yes the proverb actually has been said in historical context . Here we have discussed it's use cases in genetics.

Thank you.

Hello friend greetings to you, hope you are doing well and good there.

History repeat itself. This is a famous proverb, which many people believe on. You have beautifully explained it by giving instances of Carl Marx and Mark Twain. It's my believe that we are somehow the replica of our parents. In Genes we inherit many things from them.

I wish you best of luck in the contest dear friend. Keep blessing.

You are right to mention that we a re replica of our parents and inherit many traits from them.

Thanks for your insightful feedback.

You have shared your views here in a really educated manner. Overall, your answers backing the topic. I agree with the health conditions described in your blog. That doesn't mean I don't agree with others. No, I completely accept them above others. Good luck in the contest.

I am pleased to read about your receptive nature.

Thank you .

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 2 months ago 

hey dear your post on of the both scientifics evidense and informal experiences providing a well the rounded position on how history may repeats itself through genes. best of luck dear

Nice to hear that you find my post complying with scientific and informal perspective of the theme .

Thank you .


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Estimado amigo. Excelente explicación la que nos has dado respecto a la genética. Estoy totalmente de acuerdo contigo. Has hecho un excelente post como profesional y conocedor de la materia. Te deseo éxitos y bendiciones

Thank you very much for your kind words! I'm glad you found the explanation helpful. Wishing you all the best as well!

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