SEC17/W4|"Gift that can impress me."

Hello Guys!

Assalam Alaikum, I hope all your friends are doing well and enjoying their lives. First, I want to thank the community organizations that have allowed us to share our thoughts here. And also I am inviting my friends so they can be a part of it.


Let's Start:

What is the preferred gift that can impress you? The reason behind your choice.

We keep giving gifts to each other in our lives on any occasion. Be it a wedding someone's birthday or any other occasion we gift them. It increases love and affection in us, so I also love gifts.

I have received many gifts in my life that have been given to us by other friends and teachers. Which I am very happy to see but the most important thing for me is any fragrance for me. Because I like perfumes, etc., I use them a lot in my daily life. So if someone gifts me perfume, I really appreciate it because they are gifting me something I love. Thus, if a man wants to impress me, he can give me perfume as a gift hahaha.

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I have so many perfume boxes in my house that even my mother starts telling me that I don't use as many as you have. Because I love fragrance and wearing perfume is also Sunnah. And the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) also liked perfumes and used different kinds of perfumes in perfumes. That's why I also use perfume. I have fewer perfumes in my life and more perfumes. In this way, people also know that I love perfume, so they often gift me perfume on happy occasions.

If any of you want to send me a gift, you can send me perfume because I like perfume so much I'm looking forward to your gift haha.

Do you believe the gift is a gesture that sometimes helps to enhance our relationships?

I am absolutely convinced that gifts can make our relationship so much better. Because if there is any happy occasion, we give a gift to the next one on that happy occasion, on which his happiness does not end. And he thinks that he is a very lucky person who is given gifts for his success thus encouraging the next and increasing the love and affection between them.


Many friends stop communicating with each other because of a small bitter quarrel. One of the best options we have to bring them together is to get them gifts from each other. So that they are happy with each other and love each other. In this way, we can build many better relationships. Because there are many ups and downs in our life a rift is created between us. To bridge this rift we should share love and affection and give each other gifts. So that the next person is happy on every occasion and remembers you on every occasion. Because every time he uses your gift he will remember you and thus build a better relationship.

Keep giving gifts to each other and keep sharing happiness and be happy. I pray that everyone can enjoy their lives in a better way with their friends and relatives.

Have you ever received any gift that is still memorable to you; Share if you have any stories.

I have received many gifts in my life in which my friends, my relatives, and my teachers have given me gifts. But among these gifts, there is also a special gift that we love very much.

Once upon a time, it was my birthday and this year I was overjoyed because all my friends gifted me perfume on my birthday.

As I have already mentioned above, I love the fragrance a lot. My happiness never ends when someone gifts me perfume. So I was very happy on this birthday because all my friends knew that I love perfume. Everyone gave me perfume as a gift, someone gave me perfume and someone gave me perfume (Itar).

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My friends had packed my gifts for me, but when I opened them one by one sitting at home, everyone saw that they had gifted me perfume. So I then messaged everyone separately and thanked them for gifting me as per my choice. Because a friend knows each other's preferences. All my friends knew my choice. I want to thank them very much. May Allah bless them.

This was a small story of mine on top of the gift. I hope you guys liked it and you guys enjoyed my story. Thank you all for stopping by. Allah Hafiz.

Regards: @ahsansharif


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Regarding the previous posts, this post is also with a wonderful presentation on the post. I am very happy with your expression. If you give importance to relationships and gifts, it is really right that gifts are angels. Another name for strengthening is strengthening our relationship so that we should be guided by these gifts in every way, whether it is a matter of fighting or an occasion of happiness, then gifts are our guides, just like you. It was nice to be told about the different groups of believers, including here and other gifts. This gift becomes a part of memories. Thank you so much. Just remember it. Be happy 😁

Smelling good is a good habit and the choicest gift of many so I am not surprised if your friends and loved ones chose to give this lively gift. If you feel you have too many you can give some of them to the ones that need them.

Sure I done this job to give someone. Thanks for your supportive comment. Wish you more success.

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আপনি সকল প্রশ্নের উত্তর অত্যন্ত সুন্দরভাবে দিয়েছেন। ছোট্ট ছোট্ট উপহার বিনিময় আমাদের একে অপরকে খুশি করতে পারে। সম্পর্ক গুলো আজীবন একই রকম থাকে। এত সুন্দর একটি পোস্ট শেয়ার করার জন্য আপনাকে ধন্যবাদ।সুস্থ থাকবেন,ভালো থাকবেন, আপনার জন্য রইল অনেক অনেক শুভকামনা।

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