Making Beans Pud (Moin Moin) For Lunch

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Hello beautiful people. Hope you all are doing amazing today. Its Its another beautiful day and i'll like to share this with you.


Right here is beans pud which we call moin moin over here. And here is how to go about it. First what you need are;
Palm oil,
Boiled Eggs,
Salt to taste.

You will soak your beans in water for a while and then you peel off the body. Then you blend the whitish part together with onion and pepper. Below is what you will have. Make sure you turn well with your turning stick.


Then you add your palm oil, crayfish, seasoning, and salt and turn well.


After that you pour gently in a nylon, tin or can as you wish. As you are doing that, put your boiled eggs little by little into each nylon, tin or can.


Leave it to boil for about 30 minutes or more depending on the number of wraps. When its done, thats it. Your delicious moin moin is ready.

You can enjoy it with pap, custard, bread, rice and so on.


Thanks so much for reading
Till I come your way next time
I remain my humble self @oredebby

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