How To Make Delicious Plantain Porridge | Healthy and Nutritious

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Hello beautiful people. Hope you all are doing amazing today. So its been on a mind for a while to make plantain porridge and finally I did. Yaaay

Actually, making the plantain porridge is really easy and quick. You just need the right ingredients and cooking heat.

Moving on, the simple ingredients and recipes you need or that I used are;

  1. Unripe Plantain
  2. Palm Oil
  3. Crayfish
  4. Pepper
  5. Onions
  6. Ugwu vegetables
  7. Seasoning and Salt to taste

As seen below


What yo need do first is to slice your unripe plantain into big sizes like this


How to simply make it is to put your unripe plantain in the pot with some water and add a little salt. Allow to cook for a while and when it tasted cooked, add your other recipes one after the other, from pepper to crayfish to onions to ugwu vegetables to palm oil to seasoning and salt to taste.

Allow all these to cook together for a little while and then stir and mash a bit. Your delicious plantain porridge is ready to be enjoyed.

Each and every ingredient used has its own flavour and especially health benefits that adds up. I bet you wanna try this out.

Thanks so much for reading
Till I come your way next time
I remain your sugar lovey dovey @oredebby

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