Vietnamese Fried Banana vs Malaysian Pisang Goreng

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It was just another day at work and I was quietly trying to finish up my task before the weekend started when I heard laughing and chatting around me in the office. I had my ear piece and was listening to my favourite Malaysian radio channel Lite & Easy 105.7. To be honest I wasn't bothered what was happening around me since everyone spoke in their native language and none which I understood. After so many months, I learned to ignore and be on a selective mode hearing mechanism. Then, a lady showed this in front of my laptop.


It was Fried Banana, nicely packed up and still hot. I was amazed at it's packaging; never once have I ever thought that I would find fried bananas in this version. Let's just say I do have my cravings for fried bananas since we do have this back home. Best part, it was delivered to the office by Grab Bike. Since it was pay day, one of the ladies at work decided to treat the entire administrative office.


Now, this is the fried banana itself. It does taste pretty good and I'm glad I took a photo of the packaging; it will allow me to order in case I have cravings of my own in the future. Having checked out their Facebook, I found out that each fried banana cost VND8,000 = USD0.34 = MYR1.49 which is really affordable or has it been that long that I've forgotten how a Malaysian Pisang Goreng taste like. 🤔


However it may be, nothing beats street food from back home. I guess I will have to eventually find replacements to ease off my cravings for home food. Affordable and tasty fried bananas are just perfect for an afternoon tea break. What's your favourite afternoon snack ?

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