How to pump your genius and be more creative

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We know why some people became geniuses, and we know that everyone can enhance their thinking and behavior through these elements. Here are some important ideas that can be learned from the experience of the most important innovators in the history of mankind.

Find what really interests you. Something that will not dislike over time and will always cause awe and delight. When you have a genuine interest in something, you are not afraid of the difficulties and problems associated with your case . After all, these are just the edges of the unexplored. And this makes you even more interesting.


If at one moment you are happy with everyone at the party, and after a moment you are already bored and worried about something. If you have mood swings and in general it is difficult for you to attribute yourself to any particular "personality type". And your character is explosive and multifaceted - rejoice, you are almost a genius.

Creative geniuses are able to devote tremendous attention and enormous reserves of energy to their work - and over time. But they do not always work in this mode. They balance long periods of focus at work with long periods of relaxation.

They are also conscious of their energy and know how to turn off in order to recharge, for example, sleep at an unexpected moment or move away from the hustle and bustle of the world in order to peacefully reflect.
In a world where we are online all the time, such a balance is difficult to find. But this is one of the key rules to be adopted if you want to replicate the experience of creative geniuses.

Research shows that intelligence is not the same as creativity. On the contrary, such intelligence serves as an obstacle, since the reverse side of developed intelligence and logic is conservatism of thinking. To avoid this, you need to combine childish curiosity with wisdom.

Look and be amazed at everything that surrounds you. Thus, your brain will generate new ones. And then take the position of an expert who knows how to distinguish between the important and the unimportant, and find a clear solution.

Any job can be treated like a game. And our brain really likes this approach. Ira, we reduce the importance of what is happening and are less stressed by the little things.

It is important not to play too much, to switch on time and understand when you need to enter a tough, disciplined mode of work - this perseverance is necessary to break through barriers and make real innovations .

Creative geniuses know how not only to distance themselves from their work, but even to criticize it, to tear it to shreds. This is a critical skill that they use regularly.


Geniuses spend a lot of time planning, thinking, strategizing about what to do next. But they also have the strange ability to quickly abandon these plans in the light of new information or interesting opportunities.

They know creativity is not a black and white, linear process. In contrast, the greatest innovations have usually come from an unplanned, zig-zag process .

Geniuses know that no matter how much they plan, strict adherence to the plan leads only to the fact that you miss important opportunities from which a really new solution can be born.


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Omg, me, exactly me. I overlooked and over everything. I'm still learning to calm down because my ideas and my head don't let me sleep sometimes.

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