🦋 White Peacock Butterfly, a Moth, And a Worm 🐛 Snails 🐌

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Hi dear friends, how are you all? I can’t make post a few days because I have a fever. Now I feel a little bit better and I would like to make a post about insects.

This is not my first time I see white peacock butterflies, but for this one it has a strange color not like the other white peacock butterflies I've seen before. It is brown more than white.


It came to visit my house four to five days ago and it was very quiet on my hand. I took it outside home for pictures maybe five minutes, then it fly away.



This tiny moth fly inside my home and stop on the mirror.


There is so much rain and a strong lockdown, so I would like to walk and visit nature and insects.


I just know it’s like a caterpillar, but I don’t know what kind of insect it is. I really tried to learn about it.


Oh, over there have are a lot of snails. I don’t know if people eat them or not here in Suriname, but in my country they are popular foods.

This reminds me of my memories when I was young, and I used to pick snails in the field with other children, and in the rain too.

But now I eat only vegan, so they are lucky now haha. Have a great day everyone and stay safe.

Monkey B

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