🐕 The Dogs Killed A Jungle Rabbit 🐇 & A Monitor Lizard 🦎 A Short Story

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Here there are so many monitor lizards and tiny lizards everywhere. I am really tired of hearing the sound from the dogs biting animals in garden. The other day I heard the sound from the dogs again, but this is very normal.

I thought they were biting monitor lizards, and if I go I can just look, I can not do anything. These dogs are so strong when they catch animals, so I don't go look at them like before because I don't want to feel sad after I see what the problem is.


After a few minutes the landlord took a rabbit and came to our house to show us. He said "This is a jungle rabbit, my dogs killed it." Our family feel so sad see it die.

Especially my little girl, she loves animals so much. We used to see the rabbit's mother two or three times before, but we have never get a photo of it because it's very quick and lost in jungle.


A few days after when I am cooking, these dogs caught a monitor lizard in front of my house near the garden. Our family saw that and we shout to these dogs "No! No! No!" but that did not work. They did not listen us.


This lizard had good luck, an opportunity to run away from the dogs. We are happy for it.


This monitor lizard came inside my house two weeks ago. At first this monitor lizard go to the garden and it is meeting the three dogs and those dogs are going to bite it. Then it running quickly in my house and try hiding in the kitchen. I am with my girls and we shout together so strong because it surprised us. The dogs try to come inside my house also but we are shouting to them "No! No!"

I said to my daughters "Close the door!" Those dogs not left from my house, they’re waiting the lizard to come outside. Maybe one to two minutes the landlord come and look at my house but we don’t go outside to meet him because we don’t want tell this lizard inside our house because we know if he know he will have his dogs kill it.


After one hour the dogs go back own house and we try to make this lizard go outside home because it’s time to make lunch, but it don’t want to go outside. My husband doesn't want to stress it, so that day I can’t cook lunch because I afraid to cook near it. Then when afternoon our friend come visit us and he help us get it away from the house.

Have a great weekend everyone 😊 and stay safe.


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