👩🏽‍💻 Helping A Friend Learn Steemit And Some Insect Photos From Me 🐜

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Hi everyone, yesterday our friends rode bicycles to come visit us and learn about Steemit during the lockdown day. They’re not scared to meet the police because they’re just riding bicycles. Justin made food for them and I made snack. They always like our food, and I’m glad they enjoy eating and talking.

We talked about hive blogging a lot because our friend wants to make Hive posts but she doesn't know everything about Steemit. She will come to my house again for learning to make posts from @justinparke and @faustofraser. I can’t help her much because I am still learning. Today I can’t find any insects but I have some pictures from the other day.


Now she has a new account, but I do not yet know her account name. After 5:00 PM they needed to go back home. That day was good for them because there was not any rain.


These are wasps in the banana leaves.


I feel a little bit scared of them when I took these pictures because they used to bite me when I was young.

Oh I never forgot about that, there were so many that bit me and made me hurt a lot back then.


These are leaf-footed bugs in pumpkin flowers.



Insects in the flowers of the banana garden.


Grasshopper in the plants. Today there were not so many pictures to show everyone but I hope you all enjoy them. Have a beautiful day everybody 😊.

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