🚁 A Dragonfly, Butterfly, & A Moth In My Apartment & Garden 🦋

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Hello there! How are you all? Here it's lockdown again. I have photos of a dragonfly, butterfly, and a moth to show you all today, but I don’t know what kind they are. I looked for their names in Google Lens but they do not have photos that look similar.

I don’t want to show everyone if I don’t know the names of the insect, but I do not have a post today. I walked for a little bit to find new insects a few days ago and today too, but I did not have special pictures for a good post. I will find new insects again, and I hope I will saw a good one soon.


Every day it rains a lot , so it's not easy to walk around to find insects, but this dragonfly came to visit my house and I got pictures of it. I have never seen this kind of dragonfly or taken photos of it, so it’s a new picture for me.


It was quiet and stopped in my house, and then flew away so quickly.


This is a butterfly in the garden. I learned it's name in Google Lens, it said it is in the family Nynphalidae.


I just get a little to it and it fly away and gone. It was quick, so I have only two photos of it.


I know it is a moth but I don’t know the name of it. I looke for it's bame, but it is very similar to other moths, so it's very hard to choose one. It’s a very tiny moth and I hope you enjoyed them. Have a nice weekend everyone.


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