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I greet you with a smile and will take the liberty to share with you how I see things through my prism in relation to


Village is so satisfying and full of peace . There the quiet hidden place in the mountains where this small village nestled to which I could not help but add the beautiful autumn landscape .
My name is Yanisa, 21 years old from Bulgaria and I think that life in the countryside is amazing as long as you know how to enjoy it.


When I come to the countryside from the big city and the hectic and dynamic life I lead . I feel like that little kid I was when I was 5 and all I could think about was how to be happy. To take a walk in the sun and enjoy the warmth it gives me .Or to chase butterflies and think of nothing else because in my opinion when a person is truly happy he thinks of nothing else but the present moment and how to enjoy it fully .


Walking these streets helps me a lot for inspiration and peace of mind . When I come here to Baba it seems like time stops . I am an artist and my creativity is about appreciating the beauty of the world around me.


The richness of life is being truly at peace with such surroundings I think true peace exists . How much faster we get to sleep in the countryside in this cozy setting . And in the morning when I wake up to the smell of homemade cookies and fresh milk wow what richness .
Helping my Grandma in the garden and growing my own food .


I love spending time with Grandpa and Grandma they are the people I am on this earth for. And Grandma's homemade cookies Oh how grateful I am for that .
How Grandpa taught me to go fishing at the river in our village and spend time together making fire and making frogs in the water . Grandma taught me to knit and knit to be a real grandmother and I after years ha ha ha I think we should give more attention and warmth to our loved ones . Because this is the most important thing in life to love and appreciate . And what more precious than to go to the village to Grandma and Grandpa and smell the sweet smell of cooked food to hug them over your shoulder and tell them about the world you live in now. How little they should be happy with just one visit from you to Grandma and Grandpa's village. Show them the love their taste is capable of now.


Well that was from me for now
Thank you for your attention
I hope you have remembered your village and are enjoying the moments with your family at night when your loved one just needs a warm hug and a kind smile from a little attention and compassion .
Greetings from Janisa G.
I wish you smiles


woooow, life in your village must really be interesting

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