Did you eve had a day were you tried to be organized but...

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...but then everything most of the things you wanted to accomplish today was totally a waste of time?

So, I had a plan that today to finish all the things that I wanted to do and of them was to write a food blog for a food contest. Apparently that I was struggling (once again) managing my time and got distracted so much with unnecessary things, the podcast I was listening to while watering my plants at the same time drinking my coffee.

I went out as early as eight in the morning to buy the vegetables for my food blog but then I spent more time chitchatting with the vendors and the guards in our community on my way home, and so when I came home it was already lunchtime and so I had to eat prepare my salad. I wished I chopped all the vegetables for my salad yesterday but I so pretty occupied with some other online stuff after joining the body combat class and totally forgot about it.

So I had to munch on some mixed nuts and drink plenty of cold water just to fix my hunger a little. It wasn't until past one pm then I was able to eat my salad but feeling a little anxious because I still have a lot of things on my checklist.

I started chopping all the vegetables for my food recipe and had everything prepared before I start cooking until my partner went into the kitchen and I knew it was his time to use the space!

So guess what? I had to stop what I was doing and gave him space because our kitchen is not big enough for me to be doing my food photography and laid out all the ingredients on the counter.

So I had to ask my Yaya to help me put away all the chopped vegetables and store them in the fridge

When I do food blogs, I like being alone in the kitchen because I get annoyed when someone is on my way when I need to reach for the salt and pepper! Lol

It was around five in the afternoon when I started writing this blog and am thinking could I still make it tonight without getting any interruptions in the kitchen or should I just ask my partner to stay the hell out of the kitchen until I finish cooking?

Maybe, I shouldn't try to accomplish everything that I wrote on my checklist, maybe that's why it's called a checklist because you just put a checkmark on the things that I already finished.

Anyways, time to get up and put my laptop aside and get other things done.


si, a veces pasa esas cosas, no te preocupes a muchos le sucede, encontraras un tiempo para terminarla pero definitivamente ese no era tu vida.

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