Goodness, the language of life

in LifeStyle2 months ago

I have a bad habit of not being able to control my emotions when communicating, and I often unknowingly sarcastic or cursing others, but I regret it afterwards, feeling that I have used verbal violence.

I recently read a book "Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life", which emphasizes not communication skills, but a kind of goodness from the heart, which can be implemented in your behavior and language from the inside out.

In fact, body language is more reflective of the state of the moment than words can be practiced. For example, sometimes you are communicating with others, but your toes are pointing in the direction of leaving, so you may not feel your sincerity even if you speak well. This kind of communication belongs to the silent violence.

For my own reflection is too to start with their own requirements to ask others, once people can not do easily produce disappointment or people do not agree will appear angry emotions.

With this reminder of goodness, I look at myself in my regular communication, even observe myself and write them down in my journal. To mentally grind them so that I can get to a new level.