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I can And I Will


In life, our attitude matters the most. The kind of attitude you have makes the person you end up becoming. A lot of people have a strong will and this will makes them so strong that they overcome any kind of situation.

I have seen hundreds of people who have disabilities and they try very hard to win over their situations.

I respect them and I look up to these heroes.

The world is full of wonders and wonderful people. We just have to look around to find the greatest inspirations for us. I think the greatest inspiration for us can be our parents or our teachers.

Parents do everything for their kids and this makes them a person with the strongest will. They do everything and even give up their dreams for the sake of their kids.

I find the will and motivation to be quite interesting. It is interesting to see how a person with enough motivation can do wonders and the same person with a little bit of demotivation can end up becoming hopeless.

I have experienced this in my life. There has been a time when I was sad and I felt hopeless and during this time I was not productive and I did not have any intention of doing anything else with my life.

But then came a point in my life where I thought to myself that why no I start doing something. I looked out for myself and had a little bit of motivation from the books I read and from the friends I met.

I think there has to be some external factor that should move us like the laws of Sir Isaac Newton which says that a body stays still unless there is some external force applied to it.

What external force has been applied to you? The external force can be a situation that is so terrible that it motivates you to work hard or the external force can be a situation where you face a problem so difficult that you just have no other option but to evolve and innovate yourself.

Life is a mystery and it does not come up with a user manual or maybe there is a user manual but we just chose to ignore it.

Over the last several years I have faced highs and lows in both my work and my personal life. I was depressed, sad, and sometimes felt hopeless but I have always tried to overcome it by doing things that make me happy.
What makes you unhappy and also please share what motivates you. Have you ever faced a situation where you did amazing things when you were under pressure? Please share them all with me and let me read your thoughts. It is always good to share and allow others to read and learn from the motivating stories of the best people in the world.

Well, that's all from my side for today and I will be back tomorrow soon.


In life, our attitude matters the most. The kind of attitude you have makes the person you end up becoming.



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