Suriname HomeSchool Journal #62 🏫 Running, A Puppy, And More!!

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I learned some new words from Duolingo and E-school. I drew a new merman and my sister drew another drawing. I hope you enjoy my post and have a good day.


HomeSchool Journal 📓 #62
Date 📅 Wednesday, June 23, 2021
Location 🗺️ Paramaribo, Suriname
Srey-Yuu's HomeSchool Journal and its template are supervised by Dad 👳‍♂️ (@justinparke).


💚💛❤️ ITAL HEALTH 💚💛❤️

please tell me something you did today for your Ital livity or health and include a picture of it



     This is a picture of my sister running. Running is good for you, your health, and your muscles. Me and my sister run every day. My sister is not too fast. I love to run and when I was in school, I run every Thursday. I'm not really fast but I am better than before.

     I love to race with my friends on an exercise day. I remember that some of my friends are faster than me and some aren't faster than me. My sister is not good at running. She is too slow to catch me but she is getting better every day. My sister and I love to run.


please use some new words or grammar you've learned, and write a sentence in English, Khmer, Dutch and Spanish
please make new vocabulary or grammar bold


I put salt instead of sugar.


In de fabriek stond veel fles.


Los osos están en el zoológico.




take one really special picture today and tell Hive about it


     This is of a puppy but not mine. It is from the woman next door. I don't know its name but I call it pup-pup and when I say it comes. It always comes here and plays with monkey-b. This one is a girl and it is the only puppy our next door has.


take a picture of Sakana and help her write what she wants to tell Steemit today

     Hi, I'm going to tell you about the puppy. The puppy always follow me and I'm afraid of small puppy. I always need my sister to go with me and make the puppy go away so I can walk. The puppy always follow my sister. That's it I want to say and I'm going to show you the drawing that I made.



write one paragraph about your thoughts and feelings today

     I drew another merman on my mermaids and mermen drawing. I will show you that later and maybe I drew another mermaid. I love animals but I scare of some of them. I really scared of any animal that doesn't have bone, slimy, frogs, and big animals. That is one crazy thing about me.


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