Happy 38th Birthday To My Dad 🎁

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Today is my dad's birthday and I am happy but it is not the best. I call this birthday is lockdown birthday. If you want to know more check this post out.

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Today is my dad's birthday. I made some paper flowers and a drawing. my sister made a lot of stuff. Today is not the best day at all because today is lockdown day. We are also running out of gas and my dad can't find it anywhere.

all gifts.JPG

I am going to massage my dad after I finish this post. We going to have some fun and can't wait to go out tomorrow.

my drawing.JPG

This is my drawing that I drew for my dad. I drew a boat because my dad wants a boat and a coconut tree. I wrote some letters and make a frame for the letter. My sister helped me with the color.

Monkey's drawing.JPG

This is my sister's drawing and she drew it three or four days ago. She just colored it today. I really like her car drawing.


These are the flowers that I made for my dad. It took me a long time to make it. First I have to color the paper on both sides and then cut them a little and roll them. It is easy but took a long time.

Monkey B

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