A Virtual Meet with friends after a long time

in LifeStylelast month

It has been many months since me and my friends meet for the last time. Whenever we think of meeting the pandemic situation going on comes in our way and hence we are unable to proceed with meeting each other.

It is our last semester and after this we all will walk in different directions to start our new life. So one of our friend asked all the friends to have a virtual meet up on the google meet app.

None of our friend denied the idea of this virtual meet as it was been a long time since we all saw each other.

So the plan was confirmed and we decided to had a virtual meet at 10:30 PM.

I was waiting for the time to come so that we all can interact with each other. So finally when the time came one of our friend Amaan create a google meet and shared the link with all the other friends.

We all joined the meet and as soon as we saw each other we smiled.

Faraz , Moaaz , Amaan , Kamran , Sohaib , Uzair , Zaid , Niyam and me we all asked each other how was it going all these days.

we all talked for a while and then one of our friend said , let's play skribbl. It is a multiplayer fun game.

If you don't know about the game here is a little bit of intro to it. In skribbl group of people play together. Every person playing gets a chance where he is given a word and then he has to draw something that relates to that word.

The other people playing has to guess the word and who ao ever guess it first scores more.

You can select number of rounds accordingly , and play the game at skribbl.io


So we all played the game and kept the rounds as three. It was really a fun time with all the friends playing this game.


I came third in the game but we all wasn't playing to win but for fun.

After playing the game we all talked for a long time. we all discussed what were we all doing at present and what are the future plans.

we all shared our plans with each other , we had a healthy conversation and believe me it was the best medicine for us to forget everything in this tough time.

Life is going on and we all may get seperated by distance one day or the other.
But every friend of mine will stay attached to my heart forever.

That's all i wanted to share with all of you today.

Thank You.