Staying Sane & Stranded Abroad 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Our Reality In Suriname

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A bit exhausted and frustrated, I was finally able to receive $200 USD after visiting at least 10+ different Western Union locations here in Paramaribo, Suriname. Although it's not enough for rent, I was able to keep my landlords subdued with a portion of this, promising I'll hit the streets again on Monday after lockdown.

With an economy on the brink of full collapse, record flooding, and major cash shortages, we were down to our last few dollars with enough food left for 3-4 days, so I began hitting the streets every day to try and receive a Western Union transfer, the most efficient and practically only way to access funds from my American bank account.

I was unfruitful for 3 days until @faustofraser came to the rescue, who also needed to receive a Western Union transfer. He picked me in a car so we could cover ground faster than me on a bicycle fighting knee-deep floodwaters with strong currents. After spending a half a day checking nearly ever WU branch in Paramaribo, we quickly realized this country is nearly out of cash.

The experience was stressful, and it reminded me how hard the last 2 years has been on my family and I. It feels harder and harder each day to be the silly Dad this family needs right now, because the only thing we seem in control of anymore is our emotional state. I had no inspiration for content when I made this video, just needed to get some things off my chest in a bit of Steem therapy.

Apologies to you Steemians for not being my typical self lately.

Monkey B


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