I Haven't Eaten Fresh Bread In Weeks 🥖 Today The Carbs Shall Rain From The Sky 🌧️

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A Small Dietary Victory In Suriname 😂

     Today I found myself with little freetime after cycling many kilometers and spending many hours standing in line at Western Union. In the end I guess I would call the trip a success because Western Union actually had funds this time, although the standard $200 USD limit still applies.

     With cash in hand and already far from home, I decided to take a trip to an upscale market and look for some foodstuffs that are scarce near our home. The economic crisis here in Suriname and a few other factors have really decreased the amount and variety of an already not-so-diverse fruit and vegetable scene.

     There are a only a few items I ever buy in the upscale store, and two I targeted today were tortilla chips and a wholewheat baguette. Neither of these things are common in Suriname, and as we've been down in spirits a lot lately for reasons I won't go into, little things like a change in diet for a few days can increase family morale to a great degree

     We don't know when we'll get out of this place/situation, but one thing is for sure, this family is having some pico de gallo and garlic bread. Let the carbs rain down from the gluten heavens, for this family is eating good tonight.

     I think this GIF captures my emotional state very well, and diving into comedic content here and there has helped me cope with the hardships I'm facing at the these days. Normally my posts are full of pictures and pizazz, but I'm exhausted and just needed to make myself laugh after today's victory. Bless up!.

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