Code Purple Lockdown Bicycle Tour 🚴 Clevia, Suriname

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Greetings, it's halfway through another full-weekend lockdown during the greater Code Purple Lockdown scheme here in Suriname, and I decided to take a ride in the rain around the landlord's property and test out some new GoPro hardware.

New Handlebar Mount


     It's not easy drumming up content during this new and improved super oppressive lockdown, but I recently got a handlebar mount for a GoPro Hero4 someone gifted me a few years ago, and this inspired to me take it for a test-drive.

     Despite recent flooding and persistent rain, I hopped on the bike to take you all on a quick tour of the property. Sorry for the jerky movements, but the land has become so soft it that the tires were being swallowed as I pedaled.

     I'll be excited for Monday and the chance to show you all a typical commute I make every week. Give thanks for watching.

Monkey B

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