🔮 CODE PURPLE 🦠😷 Just When We Thought Things Couldn't Get Worse In Suriname 👎

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Just when we though we were about to start making some upward progress, Suriname announced CODE PURPLE, a brutal new form of lockdown that hasn't nothing to do with the musician "Prince."

👮👨‍⚕️ Enter Code Purple 🦠😷

     I really wish this was a problem of jazz and funk related issues, but apparently it's a new and improved lockdown, one that makes everybody do the same activities as usual in a smaller amount of time. That will surely lead to social distancing and not crammed single-file lines of people waiting to enter the only types of stores permitted to be open at this time.


     I can't believe things keep getting worse. We were already late on rent and having problems receiving Western Union transfers due to the cash shortages. Well now there is no need to worry because it appears the USD and EUROS are now all gone as people around the country with means to hoard them do so.

     So now we're out of propane for nearly a week, and collecting as little as $400 can mean as much as 5 days of cycling and non-stop searching, only to wait in line for 2 hours to be told the money is out as you reach the door.


     Better yet is when a man with a massive ego (the most dangerous drug in the Caribbean) and loaded weapon tells you to remove your turban and disrespect your culture to gain access to what you and your family need to survive. Better days are on the horizon my friends, but for now we are living hour-by-hour instead of day-by-day.

     My wife and kids want nothing more than to leave this country for anywhere else on Earth, and I can't fulfill this wish with me still in the picture as a father. But until June 18th, Code Purple means a full lockdown except for 8am-4pm Monday-Wednesday-Friday, in which one member of a household can leave to purchase a limited type of goods from limited types of shops.

     For now the struggle continues, so I sat down to rant after what seems to be an endless loop of cycling, waiting, being let down, and hoping someone will have some fresh or wilted fruit and veg for sale near us again soon. Tomorrow is a non-lockdown day, so I'm gonna hit the streets again and try to get some propane so that we find some produce to buy, we can actually make a hot meal with it.

     Once again, apologies for me not being typical upbeat and humorous self lately. I promise some more engaging and positive content very soon, but for now I give thanks for the sanity these rants bring me, as just getting some things off my chest is a good feeling in this time.

Monkey B


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