Simple Reminders That You May Find Helpful

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These days its raining a lot so before going outside don't forget to put your umbrella inside your bag. Thunder storms can destroy our electronic device even our life so be careful, plug out your device wares when you can hear the sound of sky roaring. Tv, laptop, desktop or any kind of electronic device use safely.

Don't forget to have extra masks when you go out. Its good to change mask time to time when you go out, you can carry a small hand sanitizer in your purse that will be really nice. You can help each other to maintaining social distance, do not hug your mate when you meet in this pandemic.

You can help poor by giving new mask if you have intention of doing something really good to others. When you are cooking please don't be absent mind and put off the gas oven or stove you are using. Cover your food with lids and ensure the security of food as flies carry the virus or bacteria so we should be more careful.

We may maintaining social distance but our soul can be connected so we can feed hungry people around us for this pandemic and this will be a great charity. We can help each other this way. After come back from outside you can wash your hands for a minute and wash your cloths. Before cutting fruits or veggies wash your hands and veggies properly.

For today I hope you find these reminders helpful. Will try to share more reminders in upcoming days. Stay home, stay safe! Be blessed!