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A country usually has one Prime Minister or President but the Principality of Andorra government is three. Some countries have family or constitutional kings or queens but Edora's king is elected!

The question may come to our mind, the king is the king. How is the king elected again? Even then again elected by the people of other countries. No wonder Andorra has this strange regime. Andorra's rulers are basically three at once-one prime minister, one religious king, one elected king. Andorra is called ′′ Co principality ′′ as the Prime Minister runs the country with two kings.

PM-PM will be a citizen of Andorra. He was elected by the direct vote of the people.

Religious King - Andorra's 1st King from Spain. The name of the present king is Bishop John Enric Vives of Spain. He is also the king of Spain but not elected.

Elected king-the president of France will be the king of Andorra according to the constitution. Andora makes the president who is elected by the people of France and the president who is elected by the people of France. So it is known as Elected Monarchy. The current president of France Emmanuel Macron is the king of Andorra.
Now let's see why Andora appointed kings from two countries in his neighbourhood (Spain and France)? To understand this we need to know the ′′ Pilot Fish Behaviour ′′ theory.

The era of global politics we are currently passing through is what you can refer to as anarchy or anarchy era. In politics we usually understand anarchy when there is no ruler or government in a state. Similarly in international politics, there is no ruler (functioning international organisation) at present. The United Nations has become an ineffective organization. No one is listening to anyone. Powerful states in the world are eating small states like pilot fees in such a situation.

Pilot Fish Behavior Theory :

What Is Pilot Fish ?

Pilots are usually the type of fish you see in the Caribbean region. The characteristic of these fish is that they walk on the grass of a large shark and live by eating the jasmine stored on that shark. Sharks can't eat these fishes even though they are around sharks because of the cleverness of these fish.

How does Pilot Fish Theory work in international politics?

Every region has some small states and one or two big and powerful states. As South Asia is talking, India is a foundful state and Bhutan, Maldives, Bangladesh and Nepal are small states. So in world politics a small state conducts foreign policy in such a way that the country can survive by maintaining ties to the neighbouring large forces. Many times this is how they survive the great state with trust and place internationally.
Andorra is very diplomatic visionary entire state like pilot fees. Neighbors France and Spain both were occupied states. Considering his own security, Andora has made this kind of government system.

Who is the inventor of this theory?

Theory is born by Scandinavian expert Erling Bjol. He called this miniature behaviour as Pilot Fish Behaviour. The key to this theory is that you stay beside a shark but stay like a shark can't eat you.

Why did you invented?

He gave Pilot Fish Behaviour theory on how the then Soviet Union's borderline nations would maintain ties with the Soviet Union. That means small states should behave the way pilot fish behave. So that the big states can't consume the small states. This theory is used in question of small states and surrounding big countries relations.
Now let's know some more important information about Andora;

Location on the map

Andora's official name is ′′ Principality of Andora This is a landslide country located in southwest Europe. The country is located in the eastern Pirinian mountains between France and Spain. The country's border is located in the north of France and Spain in the south.

The size

The total population in this country of 467.63 square kilometers is about 77 thousand. This is the 16th smallest country in the world in the area.


The official language of Andorra is Catalan language. Although Catalan is the official language of Andorra, Spanish is more common in business and exchange of feelings among different communities. Also people speak Portuguese and French.


Christianity is the main religion of the country. About 89 percent of the total population believe in Christianity. Most of the rest believe in Islam. There are some Hindus and Jewish people here.

The Capital

Andora La Vella is the capital and largest city of Andora. The city is located on the banks of the Valira River in west central Andorra. About 23 thousand people live in the city and about 40 thousand people live in the city area.


The official currency of Andorra is euro. 1 euro equal to almost Bangladeshi 95 taka and 80 Indian rupees.


Andorra is a rough area; geographical features of deep chameleons, Saru valley and the high mountains. Alpine, continental and oceanic climate exist in the country according to the height. Heavy snow falls here in winter which often closes mountain roads, especially the road connecting France. Summer weather stays cool, dry and sunny. The average height of the country is 1996 meters above sea level. Its highest point is Coma Pedrosa's height is 2946 meters.

No army has

Andorra has no army of his own. But there is a small but powerful police force to protect the country's internal law and order.

No airport

There are no airports in Andorra. But there are three private helicopters or helicopter landing ports, and a hospital helipad. The closest airport in the country is located in Spain.

Everyone is educated

Education rate in the country is 100 percent. According to the law of the country, full-time education is mandatory for children aged 6 to 16 years. Government provides free education upto secondary level. University de Andora is State Public University and Andora's only University. It was founded in 1997

Written By: Muhammad Miraj Mia brother
Department of Political Science, Dhaka University.


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